P1Harmony Show Their Love For Billie Eilish With This Unique Cover Medley

While P1Harmony endlessly makes waves after their debut with “Siren,” the boy group has continued to keep fans interested as they take the chance to show off their dance skills and released a unique dance cover video.

Piquing the interests of their international fans, P1Harmony has released their choreography cover video to a medley of hit music by American pop star Billie Eilish. The video was uploaded to the official channel of FNC Entertainment and can be seen down below!

In only four days, the video has already garnered 1.5 Million views – proving the boys already have promising support coming from their fans. What did you think of their awesome cover, video effects, and dance skills overall? Don’t forget to share your thoughts down below and the video with your friends!

Interested in learning more about the boys? Do not forget to check out our exclusive interview here! Don’t forget to check out their debut MV “Siren” as well!

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