VERIVERY Reveal Their Favorite K-Dramas, Odd Habits + BTS of ‘Get Away’ [INTERVIEW]

Talented boy group VERIVERY recently made a comeback with their new song “Get Away,” a hauntingly smooth song with an even smoother group choreography to match. 

The boys are quite excited for this comeback as it portrays a dark side the boys are enjoying as they grow deeper and deeper into the concept. Starting from their debut album, this comeback and their future comebacks will represent the growth and continuity of their emerging adulthood as artists and men.

Now, the talented seven members took some time to have a fun-filled interview and share their thoughts on their comeback’s success as well as answering some fun questions such as their recent favorite songs, movies and quirky habits! Watch their MV (if you haven’t already!) and check out the entertaining interview below!

Q1. It’s been about three years since your debut. In your opinion, what are some of the accomplishments you’ve made, and are there any other accomplishments you want to achieve in the future?

VERIVERY: We have received so much love from our fans throughout our promotions, especially for our last album. We were so thankful to see our name on the Billboard Charts. “Get Away,” the title track of our recent albumSERIES ‘O’ [ROUND 1: HALL],’ which marks the beginning of the new series, also topped the iTunes chart! Thank you so much for listening to our songs from so many places around the world and we think we need to work harder! This year, our goal is to top No.1 on domestic music shows and get good results by entering the Billboard chart once again!

Q2. You recently released ‘Get Away’ and fans are eating it up! What is the message you want fans to feel when they listen to the song?

VERIVERY: Everyone has a dark side to them. We want to show you in various ways through our songs and performances how to use the dark side rather than neglecting it and that the dark side is not necessarily negative.

Q3. Is there something interesting or funny that happened during the filming that you can share with fans?

DONGHEON: There was a scene I had to shoot with KANGMIN. It was hard to control my emotions and stay focused because we kept laughing at each other. (See the scene below!)

YONGSEUNG: There was food that we couldn’t eat because they were props and it was hard pretending to eat the food. I’m proud we made a believable scene after monitoring several takes.

KANGMIN: We were all exhausted from filming late into the night. We were sleepy, but we were able to film happily with our members encouraging each other to create really great scenes for the MV.

Q4. Can you tell us a unique fact about the members? Who is like a mom, or who is the dirtiest and loudest?

HOYOUNG: GYEHYEON is a night owl these days. He sleeps really late. I think he is a late-night person.


GYEHYEON: Sometimes YONGSEUNG babbles a lot of things that are hard to understand. It’s hilarious and unique.

KANGMIN: DONGHEON, GYEHYEON, and YEONHO are really like my big brothers. HOYOUNG takes care of cleanliness – So, he is like a mom to us! Lastly, MINCHAN and YONGSEUNG are like my old uncles.

Q5. Who is the most stylish member of the group that looks good in any concept?

DONGHEON: I think everyone has changed a lot. Over the past three years since our debut, we’ve matured a lot both inwardly and outwardly. I think I’m the most stylish person. I have a lot of interest in fashion, and I enjoy dressing up and grooming myself.

HOYOUNG: I think it’s DONGHEON. He is interested in fashion and likes clothes. He always has a fashion show in the morning.

GYEHYEON: I think it’s YONGSEUNG because his appearances stand out the more intense our concept is.

YEONHO: I think GYEHYEON is the member who changed the most. He has colorful hair in every album, and he often tries different things.

YONGSEUNG: I think I am a member who has a lot of changes. I saw our debut stage recently, and I looked like a totally different person. And I think the most stylish member is GYEHYEON.

KANGMIN: I think all our members can pull off a variety of styles. But I believe GYEHYEON is the most stylish on stage.

Q6. What is a song you all enjoy listening to lately?

VERIVERY: These days, we all enjoy listening to SHINee’s songs! We also like “Wonder” by Spencer Sutherland and “Forgive Myself” by Sam Smith.

Q7. Is there a favorite Korean show or movie the boys would recommend fans to watch?

DONGHEON: We recommend ‘Itaewon Class’ which we participated for its OST. Our song is good and the drama is very entertaining!

HOYOUNG: I recommend ‘It’s Okay Not to Be Okay’ because I personally really enjoyed it.

GYEHYEON: I want to recommend the famous drama called ‘Goblin.’

YEONHO: I recommend ‘The Beauty Inside.’ It’s a romance movie.

YONGSEUNG: I would recommend ‘Knowing Bros.’ to fans since it’s a popular variety show in Korea these days. As for movies, ‘The Beauty Inside.’ I don’t watch many films, but it was the most recent movie I watched with YEONHO that I enjoyed.

KANGMIN: I’d like to recommend ‘The Lord of the Rings’ series.

Q8. If VERIVERY can have a world tour right now, what country will you want to visit?

VERIVERY: We will happily go wherever VERRERs are, and we hope that the pandemic will
end soon and meet our VERRERs all over the world as quickly as possible!

Q9. Were there any particular songs on the album that were challenging to sing or perform?

VERIVERY: Because we released a new album with various concepts every time, there were a lot of difficulties when we tried to figure out the perfect atmosphere that suits that concept. When recording, we were always concerned. Our new song, “Get Away” was also a big challenge for us because there were many challenging changes for us that are new – such as the dark concept and emotional acting.

Did you enjoy learning more and more about VERIVERY? The boys were cheerful in opening up about themselves and also sharing their happiness in trying this new concept and finding success among their fans. Don’t forget to show your support for the group by following their comebacks, watching their captivating live performances and staying tuned in for more updates from us!


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