Fans Say This K-Pop MV Resembles A Popular Netflix Series

All through quarantine people are sure to have binged watched at least a few K-Dramas and Netflix original series, but don’t forget to enjoy some K-Pop MVs too!

Nowadays, singer Mommy Son (named after the infamous Korean dish washing glove brand) is sparking attention for his latest MV being similar to the dark-humored British comedy “The End of The FxxKing World.” Ironically sharing a similar title, Mommy Son’s newest song “F The World” feat. Wonstein,  a South Korean singer and rapper under the label Beautiful Noise which was founded by Mommy Son, has garnered a lot of popularity due to its charming story and funky electric guitar instrumental paired with a energetic and soft-sounding rap voice. Check out the MV below and see what all the hype is about!

Rapper Mommy Son created a buzz on social media after debuting on the seventh season of Mnet’s rap competition show ‘Show Me The Money’ (known as ‘Show Me The Money 777’), so many fans are already familirt with his trendy voice and unique image. 

Jay Kim is an international choreographer who participated in the project as a creative director alongside his role as choreographer for the young dancers shown in the MV. He created a beautiful, thought-provoking choreography that he taught the two actors in six sessions over a three week period. Despite the short time frame, they executed an amazing performance for this project and the comments have been flooded with praise! 

What do you think of the playful and interesting MV? Share your thoughts down below!

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