DRIPPIN Reveal Life Before Debut, Fave Pandemic Hobbies + Fan Meeting With Hello82 [INTERVIEW]

The boys of DRIPPIN recently made their comeback in mid-March with “Young Blood” and they are on the right track to fame! With a large and loving international fanbase, DRIPPIN continues to work hard and release hit after hit as new leaders of this heavily virtualized K-Pop generation.

Now, the extraordinarily talented 7 members are here to share what they enjoyed most about this comeback, some unique messges in their MVs alongside what they enjoy doing must during their Corona virus induced free time in this exclusive interview. But first, let us check out their latest MV “Young Blood” down below!

Fun fact – fans claimed this is the first ever K-Pop MV that featured idols filming inside of a REAL hot air balloon (which you can see in their BTS MV here!). If you think you know another K-Pop MV pulling the same stunt, share it with us in the comments below!

Now, back to the interview! First, it was entertaining to get know the boys of DRIPPIN. The seven boys, Leader Yunseong, Hyeop, Changuk, Dongyun, Minseo, Junho, and Alex (who is of German descent and speaks English quite well!) came together and discuss their growth as artists quite a lot. The boys also shared quite a lot about their past, from their first part time jobs, hobbies and favorite video games, to their manly fashion sense and what they enjoy most in their MVS.

Q1. Since debut, the MVs show the boys always searching for something. Is there something you’re specifically searching for?

Yunseong: “It is like we are looking for the key to acheive our goals with one mind.”

Minseo: “I think we are all looking for ways to reach the same goal!”

Junho: “Perhaps we are searching for our mindset to be certain about the future direction we’re going in.”

그 소년들은 항상 무언가를 찾고 있습니다. 무엇을 찾고 계시나요?

– 윤성 : 저희의 강한 의지를 한마음으로 목표를 달성하기 위한 열쇠?를 찾는 것 같습니다.
– 민서 : 아무래도 저희가 다 같은 목표를 향해 가기 위한 방법을 찾고 있는거 같습니다!
– 준호 : 아마 저희가 가는 방향에 대한 확신을 하기 위해 저희의 마음가짐을 찾는 것 같습니다.


Q2. ‘Young Blood’ has a more energetic and smooth choreography than other dances. Was there any part that was difficult to learn or do with other members?

Hyeop: “First of all, I have a fast-paced, dynamic body-to-body part in the end of the chorus. I was worried about how to connect together and how to do it more smoothly, and it was quite difficult.”

Dongyoon: “I think so. When learning the chreography for the first verse, it took some time to balance the position properly.”

Rex: “I have a part where Minseo steps on me and makes gestures during the choreography – it is still difficult to complete. It’s a difficult dance.”

‘Young Blood’ 안무 중에 배우기 어려운 부분이 있었나요?
– 협 : 우선 저는 코러스 끝부분 파트에 고음과 몸을 역동적으로 함께 쓰는 부분이 있는데, 그 부분을 어떻게 같이 레벨을 맞춰야 하고 더욱 더 매끄럽게 잘 해낼지에 대한 고민이 있었고 어려웠습니다.
– 동윤 : 1절 ‘창백한 시간 속’ 부분이 배울 때 밸런스나 앵글이 조금 어려워서 시간이 걸렸던 거같습니다!
– 렉스 : 저는 민서형이 저를 밟고 제스쳐를 하는 안무가 있는데 그 춤은 맞출 때도 어려웠고 아직도 어려운 춤 입니다.

Q3. The MV for ‘Young Blood’ starts with the members working at a Convenience Store. Did any members ever have a part-time job like that?

Changuk: “I haven’t had a part-time job, so I’d like to try it!”

Dongyun: “Not yet, but I’ve experienced it a little bit in the ‘Young Blood’ music video! I want to have a part-time job, too. If I have a chance next time, I will try it.”

Minseo: “I used to do a dishwashing job in place of my friend and I thought it was really hard to make money then.”

편의점에서 일하시는군요. 진짜 아르바이트 한 적 있어요?

– 창욱 : 저는 아르바이트를 해보지 않아서 오히려 저도 해보고 싶습니다!

– 동윤 : 아직은 없고 Young Blood 뮤비에서 조금이나마 체험해봤습니다! 알바를 해보고 싶었는데 다음에 기회가 된다해보고 싶습니다

– 민서 : 옛날에 친구대신 설거지 알바를 했는데 정말 돈 벌기가 진짜 어렵구나 생각했습니다.

Q4. Aside from ‘Shine,’ the boys tend to always have a well-dressed mature gentlemen style. Is there any fashion concept you want to try in the future?

Hyeop: “I want to try multiple styles, but I want to try more colorfully stylish concepts!”

Changuk: “We are a bit mature for this comeback, but I like being mature, so I want to show an even more mature side to fans next time.”

Junho: “Actually, I have so many different styles that I want to try out, perhaps decadent and strong styles someday!”

미래에 해보고 싶은 패션 컨셉이 있나요?
– 협 : 저는 다양한 스타일링을 해보고 싶은데 조금 더 유채색에 화려한 느낌의 스타일링과 컨셉을 해보고 싶습니다!
– 창욱 : 이번엔 조금 성숙했는데 저는 성숙한 모습이 좋아서 다음 번엔 더 더 성숙한 모습을 보여드리고 싶어요.
– 준호 : 사실 너무나 다양한 스타일링을 하고 있어서 늘 재밌고 언제간 퇴폐적이고 강한 스타일링도 해보고 싶습니다.

Q5. How does it feel to be so popular after only a few months after debut?

Yunseong: “First of all, I’m so thankful to the fans who supported us since our debut until now. We prepared hard to repay you. Since our debut, many people have liked us, so we’re going to continue by achieving, working hard and practing harder. I’m really always thankful.”

Minseo: “Thank you so much. I feel loved every moment and I will work as hard as all the love I received from you.
I want to be happy with you guys in the future!”

Alex: “First of all, thank you so much for your interest in us. We always received great strength. Thank you for being there for us.”

데뷔한 지 불과 몇 달 만에 이렇게 인기를 끌게 된 기분은 어떤가요?

– 윤성 : 일단 데뷔 전까지 기다려주신 팬 여러분들한테 너무 감사한 마음이 커, 이에 대해서 보답해드리기 위해 열정적으로 준비를 했습니다. 데뷔 이후에 많은 분들이 좋아해주셔서 더욱 더 힘을 얻고 파이팅 있게 활동하고 연습하였습니다. 정말 항상 감사 드립니다.

– 민서 : 정말 너무 감사하고 매 순간 사랑 받고 있다 는걸 느끼고 이사랑 받은 만큼 더 열심히 해서 팬 분들이랑 앞으로행복하게 지내고 싶어요!!

– 렉스 : 일단 저희에게 관심을 주신 팬 분들 너무너무 감사 드리고요. 항상 저희에게 큰 힘이 되어주셔서 감사합니다.

Q6. Is there something you want fans to know about DRIPPIN? 

Hyeop: “We are trying to be a group who always tries to repay our fans with gratitude. Please love us comfortably without any pressure, and we’ll be able to repay you for your love. We’ll really try!”

Changuk: “Our Drippin fans are really passionate about us. They’re all considerate to us. But my timid nature stops me from saying thank you. You are all really like pure and nice friends – more than you can imagine.”

Dongyun: “I’m sorry that we can’t meet fans face to face and I hope you know that I miss you fans so much.”

혹시 팬분들이 알고 싶은 게 있나요?

– 협 : 우선 다 아시겠지만 항상 감사한 마음 가지고 보답해드리려는 드리핀이 되려고 하니, 팬 분들도 부담감 없이 편하게 저희를 사랑해주시고 저희도 그 사랑에 대해 보답해드리는 드리핀이 될 수 있도록 정말 노력하겠습니다!

– 창욱 : 우리 드리핀 친구들은 정말 열정이 넘치는 친구들입니다. 다들 배려가 넘치는 친구들이에요 그런데 소심해서 고맙다는 표현은 또 잘 못해요. 하지만 정말 순수하고 착한 친구들입니다. (여러분들의 상상보다 더 더 그런 친구들이에요)

– 동윤 : 대면으로 만나지 못하는 것이 아쉽고 너무 보고 싶다는 걸 알아주셨으면 좋겠습니다.

Q7. What music do you enjoy listening to these days? 

Yunseong: “My favorite music is K-pop, but I enjoy R&B and rhythmical songs while riding in the car. I often listen to those kinds of songs when I’m out and about.”

Junho: “As I’m promoting, I think I’m listening more to the songs of the people who work with me on music shows.”

Alex: “My favorite music these days is “Fire” from ‘The Score.'”

요즘 즐겨듣는 음악은 무엇입니까?

– 윤성 : 즐겨듣는 음악은 케이팝도 케이팝이지만 제가 R&B 적인 리드미컬한 노래를 좋아해서, 차 안혹은 이동할 때 그런 계열의 노래는 자주 듣습니다.

– 준호 : 활동 중이다보니 음악방송에서 같이 활동하시는 분들의 노래를 쭉 듣게 되는 것 같습니다.

– 렉스 : 요즘 제가 즐겨 듣는 음악은 the Score의 Fire 라는 곡입니다.

Q8. Is there a video game you enjoy playing lately?

Hyeop: “I don’t play games very often, but I sometimes play ‘The Sims 4’ so I can create my own world and heal. I like to play a game where I can empty my complex mind.”

Yunseong: “Truthfully, I don’t have time to play games these days and I don’t have one I like so I usually go shopping more often than playing games.”

Alex: “My favorite game these days is an FPS game called ‘Overwatch!'” (Perhaps you already played with him? ;))

요즘 즐겨하는 게임이 있나요?

– 협 : 저는 게임을 자주 하진 않지만 가끔 sim4라는 게임을 통해 저만의 세상을 만들어가며 힐링하고 복잡한 마음을 울수 있는 게임을 합니다.

– 윤성 : 즐겨하는 게임은 제가 사실 게임을 요즘 할 틈이 없고 안 좋아하게 되어서 주로 게임보다는 쇼핑을 합니다.

– 렉스 : 요즘 즐겨하는 게임은 ‘오버워치’ 라는 FPS 게임 입니다!

Before we finish, here is a final and lovely message the boys left just for us and their fans! Check out the message in the video below as well as their future activities and LIVE fan-meeting events coming up soon.

There ya have it – and that is a wrap to this amazingly fun interview! DRIPPIN is a boy group filled with love for their fans and sincerity in each and every member. Their individual talents combined are sure to bring them far. If you enjoyed learning about all these little details, don’t miss your chance to learn even more about the boys with Hello82! The immensely popular YouTube channel will be holding a LIVE fan-meeting event on April 18th at 11 PM EST as well as a fun “82 Seconds with DRIPPIN” video call~ Check out the individual event details by clicking HERE!


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