VERIVERY’s Clothes Are So Tight They Use Scissors To Cut Them Off! [FASHION INTERVIEW]

K-Pop fashion continues to capture the eyes of fans across the globe as the flashy yet far from tacky styles have been one of the major reasons fans are attracted to the music genre till this day.

With more and more international brands turning their attention towards K-Pop, alongside the artists becoming even more bold and braver wih their eccentric fashion choices, the world of fashion is also being shaken by the ever growing monster that is K-Pop.

Now, popular boy group VERIVERY breakdown their latest fashion from their MV “Get Away” and what makes them so distinct from the other boy groups out there. Let’s see what the boys had to say from participating in Korea’s biggest new hair trends (Mullets are back, honey!) to their favorite everyday products and personal fashion choices. 

Q1. How does it feel to be part of the Mullet Hair Trend in Korea? Member Yeonho looked stunning!

YEONHO: “I wanted to try something new, so I grew out my hair in the back. I thank our fans for liking my hair and giving support. I think that’s why I was able to try out the new styles to show our fans confidently. I was happy to try that trending hairstyle.”

Q2. Is there an outfit that was difficult to wear or memorable for you?

DONGHEON: “Because we have many intense performances in our choreography, it was difficult to dance on the floor in leather pants! Doing flexible movements or moving on the floor was too difficult.”

HOYOUNG: “I wore a belt around my waist that fits the concept of this album, but when I started dancing, it was hard to breathe.”

YONGSEUNG: “Personally, the outfit last year for ‘K-CONTACT 2020’ was most memorable. I had to wear a really tight skinny outfit, and after the performance, I was sweating all over. It was hard to take the outfit off because of the sweat. I remember that we had to cut the outfit with scissors to take them off.”


GYEHYEON: “I didn’t have an outfit that was difficult to wear, but the most memorable outfit is when I wore a navy rock chic-outfit for ‘Get Away.’ That outfit was memorable. It was my first time trying that kind of style, and I worked out hard to pull off the outfit.”

YEONHO: “There wasn’t an outfit that was difficult to wear so far. I think we wore comfortable outfits since we have to dance, but the most memorable outfit was the suits we wore during this album. The suits were sexy, and I think they were cool.yet gentle so I thought they were even cooler when wearing them.”

KANGMIN: “The suit I wore during our MV for ‘Get Away’ is the most memorable outfit. It was a style we don’t usually try, and I thought I looked very sexy in it.”

Q3. What do you think of wearing makeup and the differences in fashion with international artists and Korean artists? Usually, men do not show femininity in fashion or wear makeup in western culture.

DONGHEON: “I think Korean artists make a lot of effort to create a distinctive visual element using definitive make-up for stage performances.”

HOYOUNG: “I think we all have attractive points and both have its own charms, but as you mentioned, Korean artists wear makeup and dye their hair. I believe Korean artists use a lot of colorful make-up and dye their hair often because it makes them appear more colorful and fancy.”

GYEHYEON: “I think it’s our individuality. I think it’s good because we can inspire each other. I think both cultures have their own originality, and I think there are some elements that inspire each style so, it’s very good.”

YEONHO: “I think Korean artists’ make-up and hair fashion are creative and cool. It’s good to express different looks for every album concept. I think that’s the catchy part of K-pop.The changes made respective to the mood and concept of songs is very amazing. I think this is the most attractive point of K-POP!”

YONGSEUNG: “It’s hard to define clearly because the external expressions are diverse, but in general, Korean artists wear colorful, fancy and shiny make-up compared to foreign artists.”

KANGMIN: “I think Korean makeup pursues a fancier look. I also think wearing makeup can emphasize each member’s personality. We use makeup well to emphasize each member’s individuality.”


Q4. When you’re not filming an MV what kind of fashion do you enjoy wearing? Do you still wear makeup? If so, what is your favorite product?

DONGHEON: “I usually like to wear casual clothes. I don’t dress up too much, but I try to add an element that can highlight my outfit. I try out different styles every day. I always wear a sunblock after I put on base products on my face. I think wearing sunblock is very important!! I use ‘Bio Heal BOH’s’ lifting cream. It feels like my skin tightens up.

HOYOUNG“I usually don’t wear any makeup for my skin’s health. I use mud packs that can be applied on the face and washed off at night.I tend to wear casual fashion usually because I sweat a lot during practice.”

GYEHYEON“I normally don’t put on makeup but, I take care of my skin since we don’t know when and what will come up – unexpected things can pop up. When I’m not shooting MVs, I prefer wearing comfortable clothes like sweatsuits. I use mist sprays. I like the feeling of my skin being moisturized when my skin is dry.”

YEONHO“I don’t put on makeup. I wear comfortable clothes! And I like to wear minimal styled clothes. I wear wide pants or jogger pants with a T-shirt or a button-down shirt. I like using the aloe soothing gel that I’m currently using. It’s very light and has a good moisturizing effect.”

YONGSEUNG“I like casual clothes, so I usually wear hoodies or light sportswear. I don’t put on makeup. I don’t usually use a lot of products, so I’m not too familiar, but I am fond of 3CE, LOREAL, and NARS. I have used 3CE, LOréal, NARs, etc., brands so I know those brands. I don’t have a product that I personally use or favor yet.”

KANGMIN“I try to wear various fashion styles. I only put on lip balm and don’t put on any makeup, too. My favorite is Burt’s Bees lip balm.”

Q5. Do you think Korean fashion is also creating new trends in other countries through K-pop?

DONGHEON: “K-pop fashion could be a bit difficult to pull off, but I think K-pop fans around the world would love it as much as we try out more of our stage outfits.”

HOYOUNG: “I think K-pop stage outfits help people try more bold fashion. I think a lot of K-pop artists are making a big trend and drawing in the attention to people.”

GYEHYEON: “I think each country has its own culture in fashion, so I can broaden my perspective and create a variety of fashion styles, and get inspired by foreign artists as well. I would like to make a new trend in fashion myself.”

YEONHO: “I think lots a lot of foreigners get to know about Korea through K-pop. I think the clothes we usually wear on and off stage are influential enough to lead the trend. Maybe that’s why I tend to study more and pay attention to fashion.”

YONGSEUNG: “I think Korean fashion has its originality and good applications. I think there is a trend to be paid attention to from other countries.I think Korea’s trend can receive attention from other countries easily.”

KANGMIN: “I believe various artists are creating new trends. I’m also trying to be a part of it.”

Q6. What do you think of sexier fashion for male idols such as EXO’s Kai and Monsta X Wonho wearing lace shirts, leather pants, mesh shirts, crop tops, and hot pants?

DONGHEON: “I think it could be too much to wear daily, but I think it’s cool to see them dressed up for performances on stage because it is also a part of the performance.”

HOYOUNG: “I think it’s an necessary essential part as a K-pop idol who tries various concepts. I also wore leather pants a lot through in this album, but I believe it helped tos deliver convey the concept better.”

GYEHYEON: “As we wear outfits fitting the concept or the song, I think it could be great fashion if the outfits fit the song’s concept and match the mood.”

YEONHO: “If we would have to wear the outfits off stage it would be too much or a bit overwhelming, but they are good for the stage. I think K-pop artists’ advantage is that they can wear many things depending on the concept of the stage and performances.”

YONGSEUNG: “It could be a difference in taste, but I think trying new attempts are always reasonable as long as the viewers don’t feel uncomfortable. The Trends tend to change every day and develop overnight.”

KANGMIN: “I think fashion represents each personality. I think these items could be a unique way to express oneself.”

In the end, the boys of VERIVERY are more educated on the matter than anticipated as their responses proved to be impressive! Of course, as K-Pop idols, VERIVERY (just like other idols should be!) are in the know of what makes K-Pop fashion so wonderfully appealing as well as how it changes the attration to their music for fans.


Perhaps the most interesting details are how many idols truly enjoy their sexy leather outfits (not surprised!) as well as how many of them are often sporting such tight outfits that they have to use scissors to cut them off! Poor stage outfits – what a waste! 

What did you think of the fun interview? Where there any unique stories that stood out to you? Do not forget to share it with your most fashion-forward friends and leave a comment down below! 

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