MBC Announce New Global Audition Programs + See How To Be A K-Pop Idol!

Fans and lovers of K-Pop across the globe are completely flocking over the news of a new global audition program currently being held in Korea. However, this is not just any other idol audition with an entertainment company – this project comes with a catch! A survival show challenge!

Korean is famous for the production of various hit survival TV show programs such as ‘Produce 101,’ ‘MIXNINE,’ and even independent entertainment company programs such as ‘KARA Project. Now, the well-known producer Han Dong-cheol has initiated his very own survival program that includes global auditions which allow candidates from any part of the world to apply and take a chance at becoming a K-Pop idol in Korea. The joint venture with MBC has already begun recruiting participants both internationally and domestically.


Scheduled to air in November, the show project’s objective is to foster girl groups that will lead the global music market. Global recruitment announcements, including Korea, the United States, China, Japan, Europe, and South America, have been released through social media and the judges are recruiting applicants with various appeals. 

Due to the numerous applicants wishing to debut as a K-Pop idol in Korea from all over the world, PD Han Dong-cheol and MBC invested in a team of 17 critics and divided them into two groups, carefully looking at the application form. In an interview, PD Han Dong-cheol stated he understands the desperate feelings of the applicants participating in the audition and is looking at all applicants’ documents with great care. So, are you ready to show not only the judges but the world your K-Pop talent and skills?


Unfortunately, these auditions are only open to girls (sorry, boys!) who were bron before 2010! Be sure to prepare your 1 minute introduction, vocal recording and some dance skills for the official application form! More details can be found on MBC’s official instagram! Good luck to all those apply and have fun~ Who knows, maybe we will be interviewing YOU in the future! 


5 thoughts on “MBC Announce New Global Audition Programs + See How To Be A K-Pop Idol!

  1. I am a Bangladeshi but i looking like chinese or sometimes korean. I also applied but i am too afraid that can i succeed because the said global but they made team for 17 countries including several countries. Bangladesh is not. What happened to me.

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