KARD BM’s Solo ‘Broken Me’ Leaked Early on YouTube

You read the title correctly! Fans were in for quite a surprise when they realized the official KARD YouTube channel was set to release BM’s solo teaser and MV for ‘Broken Me’ this month. Yet, another YouTube channel accidentally leaked parts of BM’s solo debut for ‘Broken Me’ early!

On July 1st, around 7pm KST, the 2nd official teaser for BM’s solo ‘Broken Me’ was accidentally posted on Vive Studios YouTube channel, the company responsible for the creation behind BM’s unique MV, and the teaser was released earlier than the set release time of June 2nd 12:00am KST. Fans were immediately suprised and in a stir over the early release. Although we were hoping to see more of the video (or even hoping for the official MV to be released) we were able to get an official release date for BM’s solo debut! Due to legal reasons, the full video isn’t posted here but you can scroll down to see the images and the “possibly official” release date mentioned in the teaser!





After being posted accidentally, fans immediately recorded, shared and even took some screenshots of the MV and we can expect to see some wonderful sets and unique visuals for BM’s MV. Not to mention, BM has definitely been hitting the gym during quarantine. It seems the MV will really live up to the hype surrounding BM’s first solo.

What do you think of this scandoulous reveal? Share your thoughts with us in the comments and don’t forget to check out BM’s official teaser release tonight for ‘Broken Me.’ Although fans are unsure if the official date shown in the teaser is true, many believe it will release on June 9th based on the leak. You can check out the official 2nd teaser later tonight for the official international dates and time! Don’t forget to check out more BTS details about his MV in our interview down below, too!

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