These Spongebob Covers of Hit K-Pop Songs Have Fans ‘Rollin’ In Tears

You probably read this and are thinking, “Huh- Spongebob sings K-Pop now?” Well, technically… yes. He does. Now he is no perfect singer, but it is enough to have Koreans craving more and laughing like crazy. 

It all started as soon as Spongebob covered the most popular song of 2020 by far, BTS “Dynamite.” Being a personal favorite, the cover not only blends perfectly with the instrumental but the lyrics are to die for! First, it opens with Spongebob screaming “Oh, Yeah!!” as if he were the RM of the sea. Then he begins saying “Ah ah ah – I love Monday! Hey, Kids it is Spongebob! Krusty Krab Burgers Are The Best I Like Them The Best!” which all leads into him (somehow) singing the “Dynamite” chorus. The bonus dance clips blended into the video are quite a laugh too! Check out the video below and get an idea of the nautical nonsense I’m refering too!

But “Dynamite” isn’ the only song Spongebob gracefully sang under the sea. Spongebob joined on the trend of covering Brave Girls’ “Rollin” and honestly had me rollin! It is clever how the editor used various phrases from Spongebob that are the same as the Korean lyrics. Spongebob basically fights with Patrick about being ugly or not saying “I’m not as confident as look. I’ll proudly say “I’m Ugly – Rollin Rollin Rollin.” The rest is just nonsense from there but my oh my is the editing hilarious! Spongebob using his nose to play the flute-like chorus melody is a laugh.

Korean’s have been posting these videos around many forums and praising the uploader for his skills. What do you think of the videos? Leave your comments down below!

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