Wonho Is A Total Grandpa As He Struggles With Filters On Instagram Live

Recently, the naughtiest K-Pop idol on our news feed had went live quite a few times but one particular live was unforgettably funny for quite a few reasons. If you’re a fan of idols using funny filters, you won’t want to miss the pictures down below!

First, around midnight in Korea, Wonho started broadcasting on Instagram Live. It was quite late, so you may expect something naughty to happen, right? WRONG! Maybe in the near future, but this time, Wonho was still dressed up and had very charming adorkable attire on (how is he still this handsome?). Although he looked like the K-Pop Dad everyone would have a crush on, he expressed he had to wear glasses recently because the seasonal allergies are really affecting his eyes.

After that, he began playing some music on his computer and chatting before suddenly messing around with the filters. Wonho kept acting surprised and constantly shouting “Oh, oh?! Oh! What is this?” Haha,” and his charming giggles had everyone laughing in the comments too! Check out some of his funny whacky photos below!


What do you think of our attractively goofy idol? Which photo was your favorite? Leave a comment below~


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