How Did Korea React To This Rapper Coming Out As Bisexual?

Although it is 2021, Korea’s mindset towards homosexuality is still decades behind. With the newer generation bringing in the change and slowly shifting the country’s mindset towards sexual minoroties, a rapper has taken a brave step into the public eye by coming out on his Instagram.

Popular ‘High School Rapper 3’ contestant Aquinas (born and named Kang Minsoo) publicly came out as Bisexual on his Instagram on July 14th. Aquinas had posted a picture of the Bi-sexual flag with the statment “I’m A Bisexual,” in both Korean and English, in bold letters across the flags symbolic colors. View the post below!


Many public figures fear the backlash and ridicule of coming out, especially due to the many horrible past experiences and reactions other celebrities faced that had led them to commit suicide.  Hong Seok Cheon is a prime example of a celebrity who lived to tell the tale of his misfortune after coming out – however, he is nowadays regarded as a very popular TV personality appearing on a plethora of variety shows and successfully operating a chain of restaurants in Korea’s infamous gay district Itaewon.

Despite the fear, Aquinas bravely admitted his truths and came out. Although his post is captionless, the comment section did all the talking. Alongside fans saying “Love is Love” and “We will always love and support you,” Aquinas received lots of words of support from many popular figures in Korea’s gay community such as Nana Young Kim, a well-known Drag Queen both online and on Korean TV.

Aquinas continues to work on his music career as a rapper and released the single “Lovegame” and EP ‘It Doesn’t Matter’ this year. View some of his amazing tracks down below.

Hopefully, more idols and celebrities can follow in the inspirational footsteps of Aquinas, if they choose to, and create a positive example and image of the LGBTQIA+ community in Korea and more. In the end, a celebrities private life is to be respected and this heavy responsibility shouldn’t be expected from them. In the end, we can simply support the ones who do come out and continue to cheer them on.

What do you think of this news? How would you feel or what would you do if your favorite idol came out? Share your thoughts down below~


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