How Crazy Are BTS Fans? Check Out Jungkook’s Solar Artwork That Can Be Seen From The Sky!

There are no other fans like ARMY out in this world and now they have made artwork of BTS’ member Jungkook that is completely OUT of this world for his birthday! Although BTS’ Jungkook’s birthday is a month away (Sep. 1st to be exact) this haven’t stopped fans from showering him in love with a month of surprise gifts!

Recently, the media world has been shaken up after the first stellar gift from fans was revealed. The ‘Golden Ph Alliance,’ which is the official fanbase name for fans of Jungkook, announed their series of beautiful birthday projects that they have created in order to give back to the idol who has given them so much! Now, thanks to his fans, ungkook is the first artist in the world to have a solar artwork of Jungkook’s image that can be seen from the sky! Check out the anticipated results of the artwork below!


The amazing piece was made using solar technologay and the image was captured by drones that circled the sky. Now, Jungkook will be the first artist in the wolrd to ever have solar art created in his image. If you are interested in learning more about the project, check out the official Twitter group and their official tweet here! What do you think of this art?

Fans are beyond delighted to see the efforts that ARMY’s across the globe are putting in to show their love for Jungkook even before his birthday. Just like how BTS’ music is a masterpiece of its own, this is an unforgettable piece of art any idol would be happy to recieve. Don’t forget to share this post and your thoughts of the artwork down below!

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