Exclusive K-Pop Line Up Joins Joy Ruckus Club For K-Pop SuperFest

Joy Ruckus Club has continued to remain active in contributing to the various online K-Pop concerts we have come to know and love during the pandemic! Now, a new stellar line up joins Joy Ruckus Club 4 for the K-Pop SuperFest!

Starting on August 27th and ending on September 5th, the 10 day long virtual concert will be the largest festival ever produced for K-Pop in 2021! If this is already making you jump up out of your seat with excitement wait until you see the lineup below! Check it out and don’t forget to purchase your ticket here!


The event will include the following artists shown in the images below!



What do you think of the official lineup? Without a doubt, this will be one major, exciting event you will not want to miss! Is there any particular artist you are looking forward to seeing? Share your favorites in the comments below!

Remember to visit Joy Ruckus Club’s official website for more details and purchase your ticket here!



One thought on “Exclusive K-Pop Line Up Joins Joy Ruckus Club For K-Pop SuperFest

  1. Wow, I look forward to this!

    A.C.E., ALEXA, & MCND are for sure who are my favorite and it’s exciting to have the chance to preview each band/singer that I’m just now becoming aware of!

    Music is a never ending superfest!


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