ATEEZ Collab With Kim Jong Kook + Exclusive Album Collab With Hello82

ATEEZ, an 8-member K-Pop boy group who has been taking over the scene by storm since debut, has paired with the brilliant talent of Kim Jong Kook and are set to release a new single called “Season’s Song” and more.

ATEEZ debuted on October 24, 2018 with the extended play ‘Treasure EP.1: All to Zero’ and haven’t looked back ever since they hit the ground running. Kim Jong Kook (a member of old-school K-Pop group TURBO) is a veteran singer known for his very masculine and muscular appearance alongside his strangely enough higher pitched voice.

Combined, “Season’s Song” is expected to be one summer single to blow fans away as it is keeping up with the trends due to its catchy throwback style and 90’s remeniscent sounds – making it quite the bop for the Korean music scene nowadays. Take a listen for yourself down below!

To keep the hype going, Hello82 is holding an exclusive eventand giveaway with the artists! Not only is Hello82 is the EXCLUSIVE place to buy the physical album, which is in the form of a cassette shaped USB collectors item but fans who also purchase the album will be given access to additional ATEEZ content, such as an unreleased photo card and a chance to be entered to win a 82 second video call with ATEEZ! Just imagine – 82 seconds one-on-one with ATEEZ~ dreams do come true, huh? This offer is only available through Be sure to check out the site for more details!

Pre-Order the Single HERE:

Recently, ATEEZ had released “I’m The One” back in March of this year. Stay tuned for more updates from us and a chance to enter more giveaways!

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