Junoflo and G2 Gear Up For Thier Vitural Stage + Q&A With INSSADA

Popular Hip-Hop artists Junoflo and G2 have recently collaborated on their latest album ‘Smiles and Tribulation’ in July 2021. Now they are set to have their first album showcase online!

With popular streaming site INSSADA, Junoflo and G2 have paired up in order to hold a virtual showcase with performances featuring songs from their new album, an interview about their current work and a fun-filled fan Q+A session! 


Junoflo & G2 will be performing an exclusive and private show for only INSSADA Ambassadors. In between songs, Junoflo, G2, and DJ DWOO will talk about their new album, while also answering questions submitted by fans. So, if you’re an ambassador, you can join INSSADA to experience the very first INSSADA X show. And don’t forget to invite your friends & family for a chance to win free Junoflo and G2 merch including a signed Junoflo album!

Junoflo and G2 are established Korean-American rappers, both of whom have established a strong following in both South Korea and the US. The rappers met while competing in the acclaimed South Korean hip-hop competition show, Show Me The Money, and they both continued on to start a career in South Korea.  They have since moved back to Los Angeles, CA, where the two collaborated on their new album, ‘Smiles and Tribulation’ in July 2021, which is available to stream on all platforms. The exclusive INSSADA X show is the duo’s first performance of their new album.



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