TXT Welcome in Fall With Their ‘1st Look’ Pictorial Fashion

TXT (Tomorrow X Together) have been soaring with populairty and have become quite the popular brand ambassadors since their debut (just like STAYC!!). Now, the boys have been recognized as the Top Rookie act of the year and show off their polished visuals in this ‘1st Look – Shine on Green’ Vol. 224 pictorial shoot.

The five handsome members gathered on a school campus and emulated a leisure style with the latest ‘Ralph Lauren’ collection alongside their handsome charms. Donned in classic button ups paired with richly designed knits, each member exudes a care-free appearance that blends perfectly with the tansition of Summer to Autumn attire. Is it a sign that our Summer is over already and we need to dust off our favorite scarfs and sweatervests? Check out the warm and attractive photos below.

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Keeping the casual atmosphere throughout each of their pictures, their Ralph Lauren outfits project a matured-youth vibe but stills maintains a playful exterior with its light color palette of sky pink and summer blue. The key focus seems to also be on their shoes with have a signature ‘VANS’ appearance but retaining the Ralph Lauren charm with it’s logo embelishments. This ties in with that unexpected campus-skater-boy look that finishes the pictorial.

Winning Look


Outfit – 7/10

Color Palette – 10/10

Photo Concept – 7/10

Perhaps the most impressive look is member Taehyun’s blazer and sleeveless cardigan combo. He is dressed to the nines in exquisite clothing. The cardigan is bold without being dissruptive and ties nicely with the navy blue and khaki pants that are rich and familiar while also pairing wonderfully with his beautiful blond hair. The overall look is a winning piece that, although is quite safe, it can be easily replicated by fans without appearing boring, or plain. Perhaps without the cardigan, it would be! If so, I recommend swapping the tie with a gold, eye-catching cloth band instead. The loose tie adds a somewhat bad-boy charm or as if he just finished class and is ready to play! Taehyun’s simple makeup isn’t necesarrily impactful but it enhances his guy-next-door charms and helps to emphasize his eye and lip color. The use of his umbrella makes for not only a great prop but really pushes the brand out there without being blarringly obvious.

Which member’s style did you enjoy the most? Anyone else you would vote as the winning look? Share your thoughts below.


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