ENHYPEN Ni-Ki Was A Childhood Fan of This SHINee Member

It was recently revealed that Japanese-born K-Pop idol Ni-Ki, who is a member of the popular boy group ENHYPEN, is a big fan of SHINee’s Key!

After some digging, netizens found out that he is a dedicated member of SHINee World in Japan and worshiped the idols as much as we fans do! Fans found and circulated the cute photos of ENHYPEN Ni-Ki online that showed him donning similar outfits as Key, visiting the same locations as him, trying the same foods Key enjoyed and even attending concerts and fan-meetings.


However, the most tear-jerking moment was finding out that when Ni-Ki was a young child he actually appeared on stage alongside SHINee when he performed to one of their songs during a fan-event portion during a concert held in Japan at the Tokyo Dome. View the overwhelmingly cute photos below!


While Ni-Ki was on stage, he was beyond lucky (as if destiny) to be paired with Key for the dance performance. He broke down in tears and Key gave him a strong, warm hug of encouragement and he continued on with the stage alongside his dream idol. However, the tears never did stop streaming down his face. What do you think of this charming story? If you’re ready to cry, save your tissues because it gets even sweeter! During Key’s Enlistment, Ni-Ki even wrote a letter to Key-Kun (Kun is an honorific used between friends and brothers in Japan, similar to Hyung or Oppa).

“I hope that this letter will reach Key-kun.
Key-kun, I feel down knowing that I won’t be able to see Key-kun for a short while.
But until the day Key-kun returns, I will have strength.
I used to always look up to Michael Jackson, and went on singing and dancing dreaming of Michael Jackson.
But after I met Key-kun, you became my goal. One day, I want to become a star who can perform at the Tokyo Dome just like Key-kun, and make many people happy, make many people smile.
Key-kun, please take care of your health while you are away. Key-kun is my hero!!”

Fans also left heart-warming comments saying “His ID even has Key’s Birthday in it” and “He was really so cute! I think he is a fan of SHINee even now.” Fans even praised him saying, “He must have loved and beleived Key so much to be inspired to be an idol just like him. He really worked hard to achieve his dream.”

Perhaps other idols have similar childhood memories yet to be shared! Let’s hope to see more lovely stories like these and keep supporting our idol’s dreams now and in the future!

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