Do You Know Korea’s New Way To Blind Date?

Ugh… blind dates. Whether we tried it or not, the idea can always seem horrible, intimidating or downright challenging. While many fans of Korean culture are aware of ‘Sogetting’ (blind dates made by introducing mutual friends) this new style of dating may just become all the rage!


With beauty, fashion and the need to look good being an ample part of many Koreans’ everyday lives, it is no surprise that this new form of dating has become a popular YouTube trend! Being coined as “Look-getting” (meaning to introduce someone by their fashion styles and looks) this new way of dating is being met with mixed opinions alongside variations of how it is done. The video shown here (which gained lots of attention) is titled as “Genderless Dating” due to people only considering the person’s fashion choices as an ideal interest. However, this somewhat vain sounding dating experience isn’t all that skin-deep as it seems. But how is it done?

People meet together in groups (similar to the video) sporting their best fashion outfits and reveal not only their wardrobes but also personalities and freedom of expression individually. In the end, if two people who seem to have a wonderful appearance and catch the eyes of one another match, they can exchange social media and go on a fashionable date together! Check out the video below and get a sense of what I’m talking about!

While it may be absurb to meet in a cafe dressed in all black (Cult feeling, much?) people can gather together as friends in a group and showcase their fashion at a dinner or simple cafe hangout and share why they choose the outfits, what they symbolize to them, as well as their inspiration behind the outfit. When people find that they share fashion in common, they can continue to know more than just the surface level by going on a date! Quite the interesting concept, right?

The trend has picked up traction since a few unique YouTube videos showcasing the concept gained populairty not only in Korea but overseas as well. What do you think of this new dating trend? Would you try this sort of glamorous dating experience or is it too over-the-top and appearance-oriented for you? Share your thoughts down below – and maybe your outfit of choice, too!


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