What Made This Idol Cry ON ‘V-Live’?

Recently, news has resurfaced of an idol promoting his group on many online communities and forums. The group is still rather small and unknown, but one member wanted to make his group well-known and what happened next led him to tears.

Boy group BZ-BOYS were one of the many unlucky groups to have debuted in 2019 right before the start of the Coronavirus pandemic. As some of you know, many rookies groups gain popularity from busking, street performances, and other small local events but due to the pandemic it made it nearly impossible to do so.


So, member Bon took to an idol fan community page to greet fans directly. His post “Hello, I’m Bon of BZ BOYS” quickly garnered attention as he was becoming known as the idol who reads and responds to every Korean comment he sees on the live chat. Because of that, many other users took interest in the idol and his post and started visiting his V-Live sessions. It become so popular to the point that Bon recieved 1 Million hearts during the broadcast and he immediately began to cry once he noticed.

Recently, the group had made a comeback (2 weeks ago exactly) yet no one is aware that they even released a new song. Check out their latest stage performance for “Close Your Eyes” from their digital single album ‘Contrast’ below!

While they are still rookies and have spent a whole year waiting and preparing for their fans, BZ BOYS are worried they will be forgotten. Bon took a chance and left one more message for the group he previously made a post in. His letter read:

“Hello everyone.

There may be some who remember me, and some who do not, but I just wanted to let some people know how I am feeling, and so I am writing this post.

I know that some of you told me never to come on this community again, but I was not able to keep that promise, so first, I apologize to you for that…

About a year ago, I received so much love and support because of the help that those of you on this community gave me. After that, due to various circumstances, our group’s comeback was delayed again and again, but finally we have made our first comeback in one year.

It was the comeback stage we so longed for, and we are so happy for the opportunity as we take to the stage each time, but because we are such a small and remote group, many people have no idea that we even made a comeback. 

It’s true that our team lacks in many areas, however, we worked so hard in the past year for a chance to meet you all. I know that the entertainment industry is not an easy place, not at all. I am certain that numerous sunbae artists and hoobae artists reached the high places that they are now through immense effort. 

Still, in honesty, I am very afraid…

Our group is full of unique members with a lot of charm. The song that we made a comeback with is also a really good one that we want a lot of people to listen to. 

I am so sorry for asking for help again through a post like this. I think my members and our fans will worry about me, but I want to continue promoting as an idol for a long time and show people effort, improvement, and skill, and to do that, we must become successful. 

I promise that our team will work very hard during our promotions! Please, just give us one chance. Thank you!!”

What do you think of Bon’s message? Fans of the group had encouraged BZ BOYS and even asked other visitors to give them a chance or at least watch their video just once – after all, every view counts, right?!


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