This ONF Member Blatantly Ignores Laun On Stage

On today’s epsiode of ‘The Show’ during ONF’s Good Bye Summer performance, the boy group performed their song ‘Summer End” on stage but fans were caught off-guard when one member blatantly ignored another on stage during their cute ballad performance.

As the song was coming to a charming end, the members can be seen cooing in harmony alongside the warm, sweet melody of the track. As the camera begins to pan out on all the members, it suddenly zooms in members Laun and Hyojin . Laun can be seen reaching out for a hi-five and and going unnoticed.


While it was absolutely one of the most awkward yet hilarious things to watch, it got weirder as it went on. Laun continues to slowly extend his hand out towards Hyojin and you can feel the strength emiting from him and his face… yet he is still denied a hi-five! When the camera gets closer and the members can see each other on screen, Hyojin just projects his peace sign towards Laun in a very awkward fashion, leaving Laun clueless as he just shrugs and looks at the camera.



Now, fellow FUSES (fans of ONF) do not need to worry or get things twisted – there is (as far as I’m concerned) any issues between the two members. However, it was still an odd intereaction. Do you find it funny or did you think it was rude and something is wrong? Share your thoughts!


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