Enormous Mural In Honor of BTS’ RM Painted In His Hometown

Recently, with the continuing growth and success of BTS, South Korean’s are immensely proud of these idol singers who represent the country.

With great pride in the aritst, BTS’s RM was honored by the people of his hometown in Ilsan, Goyangsi as the Goyang Community Center painted a large mural on the whole wall of the main building near the city cafe.

Check out the wonderful mural below!


In Korean “Goyangi” (고양이) means cat and since the name of the town is “Goyangsi” {고양시) it is very similar – hence why RM is adorned with the cute kitten mascot! Upon first sight, it is an incredibly rich, well-detailed masterpiece that is vibrant, eye-catching and truly highlights the beauty of the famous rapper! Fans are looking forward to seeing it and taking pictures in front of the mural this weekend as it was completed officially on September 10th of this year.

What do you think of this famous mural? Will you visit it if you get a chance to travel Korea? Share your thoughts and go-to destinations down below!


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