Which Is BTS Jungkook’s Best Airport Fashion

BTS Jungkook continues to be an icon of the century. From his distinct appearance to his impeccable fashion sense, Jungkook is a king of trending online no matter what he does.

Recently, BTS attended the 76th Session of the UN General Assembly in New York City. It has been almost two years since the group has been able to showcase their award-winning airport fashion so fans have been on the edge of their seats highly anticipating BTS’ return to the airport runway. While this current look is a marvelous choice from Jungkook’s past fashion choices, there are a plethora of looks that do not cease to amaze me to this day. With that in mind, who can resist ranking a few of these iconic outfits? While respecting everyone’s opinions on fashion, there are quite a few styles in the list that simply stand out and everyone can worship. After reading, don’t forget to share your favorite look from this list in the comments down below and with your friends!


While this outfit is definitely well put together and adorned with nice accessories, it is one of the more simple styles Jungkook ever boasted. Of course, comfort is a great thing to consider for fashion – especially at the airport. Yet, being the legendary icon he is, Jungkook needs an outfit that is just as magnificent. Still, not bad!


This outfit hits the nail on the head for what was mentioned about the previous outfit. Although it doesn’t pay all the bills, it is definitely a winning combination that is well-layered and utilizes many awesome accessories to complete the outfits look. While the style is eye-catching, there are better patterns and the flow of the shirt is a little unappealing to the overall design.


Despite being a very signture K-Pop outfit, the boy-next-door skater look is reinvented with Jungkook’s stunning visuals, aesthetically pleasing color combinations, and overall confidence with every step he takes. The teal-blue beanie is a great color that pairs effortlessly with the somewhat burgundy leather boots. While the shirt and pants remain simple, the colors are what make this outfit pop and score high on this list.


This look is another variety of boy-next-door style but it is well-thought out. The over-the-shoulder flannel is a great statement that helps bring life to the rather easy-going style Jungkook is sporting. His bag stands out and makes a functional statement. The baggy pants are also a great homage to 90’s fashion trends that are all the rage in Korea. It’s current, clean, and comfortable – what more do we need?


Being Jungkook’s recent fashion piece, this epicly vibrant and radical jacket and matching pant combination are without a doubt stealing the show at the airport. It is minimal but consists of a loud design which instigates excitement in both the wearer and the viewer. The additonal tattoos (making for a wonderful semi-permanant accessory) add a grunge feel to this high-end piece. Although it is capturing the attention of fans across the globe, there are better outfits that continue to drive fans wild.


Again, the boy-next-door look seems to be an inescapable charm for Jungkook – but hey, if the shoe fits, wear it, Honey! This piece in particular is more impressive due to the summery color palette and the enhancements it brings to Jungkook’s facial features and innocent-makeup concept! It is clean, layered properly, and offers comfort on any flight. This hip-hop fashion is timeless and rocks the key-point items that are needed to exude this particular style.


Business casual is never a bad idea. The key-point is defintely Jungkook’s high end fshion bag but it ties in nicely with the tucked-in black shirt, matching black belt, semi-torn jeans and is brought together by a dazzling beige blazer. It creates a youthful vibe with a mature appearance. Without a doubt, it is airport fashion that owns the runway and satisfies our comfort needs, too.


It is a guaranteed comfort piece but somehow this outfit is definitely a visual winner. Perhaps the key-point is the jarring stripe going down the joggers and the mixed-matched colored sneakers that make this outfit so attractive. Jungkook is also rocking his signature hair style and overall this standard outfit is superior in highlighting Jungkook’s endless natural beauty. This outfit is the proof that anything Jungkook wears will always look marvelous!


I can easily say, I LOVE this look. While Jungkook’s airport fashion has always been remarkable, this outfit is just down right sexy. From the monochromatic blacks, the sharp and edgy leather, to the tightly fitted jeans that highlight his stunning thigh shape and chic baseball cap that offers a sense of mystery – each piece is just completely well-put together and free of any flaw. This outfit might not be the most comfortable but it will guarantee a heart attack for fans all over the globe.


Now, for the winning final look, Jungkook’s winter fashion is supreme. The long flowing jacket doesn’t drown his delicate slender body but merely enhances his fit shape. Combined with the tight form-fitting pants and rugged military boots, Jungkook is serving some intense bad-boy vibes! The off-gray turtleneck is a welcomed bit of sophistication that creates balance to the piece without disrupting the monochromatic color palette.

The hat from his previous outfit may look better here, but the simplistic styles that are free of design and any distracting lettering is what makes this outfit beyond chic and jaw-dropping. Without a doubt, this is Jungkook’s best airport fashion!

What do you think of this heavenly fashion list? Is the first choice your first choice too? Share your favorites in the comments below and let your friends know your favorite piece of BTS Jungkook’s airport fashion!

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