How To Dress Like A K-Pop Idol: BTS V’s Louis Vuitton Sold-out Look

Dressing like a K-Pop idol is no easy feat but it is not impossible! With all the amazing effort put into by designers, stylists, makeup artists, and more, it may seem overwhelming to try and repliate these effortless-looking styles! But chin-up, darlings! These articles will be your guide into the fashion world of K-Pop! 

Recently, BTS made a trip to the UN in New York City. During their travels, the group took a quick trip to the MET Exhibits and member V (known for having the Midas Touch) sold out another hot fashion piece, AGAIN!!! This time, the expensive $3,500 dollar Louis Vuitton Belted Damier Jacket was the big ticket item every fan needed to buy. Now that it is completely sold-out, you must be wondering how can you get (or at least replicate) the look? Well, my dears, I got you covered. 

This article features two unique concepts the accurately analyze details and examine every aspect of the outfit and beautifully replicate the look at affordable prices. Check out how to dress like a K-Pop idol down below! Click the pictures for links~

First, this is the original piece – Louis Vuitton Belted Damier Jacket & Evening Trousers

V kept this look clean and free of all accessories. It is a simple color pallete that is monochromatic and free of any distracting lettering, patterns, designs or bold cuts, material and structure. The key-point for this piece – keep it unembelished and look presentable without being overly decorated. The jacket does all the talking and the simple white undershirt only enhances this point.

First, I will introduce two options. While they aren’t solid in color or thick in material quality when comparing the Louis V version, they match the overall coat design and size quite perfectly. Still affordable and easy to replicate the look with.


This one’s belt is a great highlight and contrast to the jacket. Although, if you’re really trying to accurately portray this look, it can be a bit too flashy and tacky. Still, the pinstripes and clean cut design is very attractive and suitable for many styles. Mature and simple. 


This second jacket is solid looking in apearance with a tight fit and micro-gingham design. With no belt or additional accessories it feels as clean as V’s style but offers it’s own individual charm. 


As for pants, any of these two designs can be a very rewarding addition to either jacket. The first pair of trousers are not only form fitting and flattering, but the large accented belt really directs the attention to your thin waist line (which looks dramatically thinner due to the massive belt stimulating the illusion! Gotta love a fashion magic trick~). However, if wearing the jacket closed, the blet will go unnoticed, but once opened it will leave for a stunning visual point. Even without the belt, anyone’s figure is highlighted nicely and doesn’t have you looking like a cardboard box. 


These last pair of trousers are even more form fitting than the list. The transition from tight waist to flared bottoms is a simple way to show you’re up-to-date with the vintage looks that are trending these days. The material is both clean and precise so it will pair nicely with these jackets or the real Louis V version!

As for shoes and undershirts – go crazy. You can keep the balance with a white blouse and boast a solid white pump or Mary Janes, follow through with the sharp brown structure of the suit with beige V-line dress heels, or play safe with black. However you put it together, it will be a work of art distinct to your style. Don’t be an imitation copy and stay authentic! Play with the style and see how else you can make things different.

Do you have any suitable pieces you would recommend? Any particular outfit you like or dislike? Will you be adding this to your K-Pop Look Book? Share your thoughts in the comments down below.




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