WOOSUNG Returns With ‘Dimples’ & Makes Fans Smile [MV Review]

The moody and aesthetically pleasing Kim Woosung of K-Pop band The Rose has made another stellar comeback this year with “Dimples” and this song is an absolute bubbly ear-worm compared to “Lazy” for so many reasons.

After building up much expectations for his fans through his many teasers, the wait is over and fans are dancing along to the mesmerizing rhythm of “Dimples,” feeling entranced the music and addicted to the flattering lyrics.

Now, do not get me wrong, “Lazy” is not a bad song in the slightest. Released in late June of this year, the synthetic sounding smooth-house track that features a lively electric-guitar strum lives up to its name with an effortless beat and a chorus that echos alongside Woosung’s airy voice.

Yet, there is something that comes alive inside you when you first hear “Dimples” and it’s more energetic appeal makes it a satisfying listen. The song’s melody also utilizies a familiar synthetic sound through an electric keyboard, electric guitar, and simple bass claps and a high-pitched tune. For those familiar with DAY6’s style, you will absolute enjoy this track from start to finish. It is on trend with the modern yet nostalgic trending sound of capturing 80’s pop-sounds such as the ones shown on popular Netflix series ‘Stranger Things.’ Don’t wait and check out the mystifying MV that goes along with this hypnotic song down below.

The MV offers quite the entertaining storyline. Despite “Lazy” being exactly what is was and showcasing Woosung having a care-free life with his pet pup and friends, something about the energy showcased in “Dimples” is much more attractive.

The MV consists of a unique storyline involving a mysterious girl who exudes an alluring smile that entices Woosung with each glance and her “Dimples make you something special” and “I’m approaching your lips just to fall into your trap, With a grin you close, My only getaway, Stuck inside, you let me out, girl.” The juggling act between English and Korean lyrics is what makes this song very special and easy to enjoy by all fans of the K-Pop genre.


In a semi-druken state, Woosung appears and sifts through the crowded party as he discover a girl that hypnotizes him like a siren. As she appears more and more, she appears to glow and emit an eerily attractive aura that cannot be resisted by any man. As the story progress, it seems she is the one controling this fantasy and won’t let Woosung slip away too easily. The ending scene is quite dramatic as she is seen being the driver in the car all along traversing the depths of a never-ending sea – which is a great analogy for relationships that can swallow you whole.

The fashion is without a doubt top-notch and absolutely creative and fitting for Woosung’s already unique style. His slender figure is beautifully highlighted in his yellow + pink suit combo and emulates an artistic yet whimsical vibe with his bejewled hands and finger tips! Absolutely STUNNING! Plus, can we all just agree how amazing Woosung looks as a blond? Truly loving the hair color as it highlights his pale skin and simple makeup look. The fashion was excellently balanced for this MV as pieces such as his chrome satin top also exhibit a bit of flash alongside maturity. Whoever your stylist is Woosung, do not let them go!


In the end, this comeback was beyeond all expectations. Not only is the MV well-produced but the song has been wonderfully crafted and contains all the right ingredients to make it a hit. Without a doubt, Woosung continues to perfect his craft and make his music better and better with each and every chance he gets.


MV Storyline…..8

MV Production…..8

MV Concept……..8

MV Score: 8

Song Production……9

Song Concept………10

Song Composition……9

Song Score: 9.3


What did you think of this comeback? Is Woosung getting you completely lost in the feels or did you find “Lazy” to be more up your alley? Let us know in the comments below! Don’t forget to check out our interview coming soon!

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