What Is The Giant Robot Doll In Squid Game? Explained + 7 Oh-So Relatable Memes of Her

Without a doubt, the first episode of Netflix’s #1 hit series “Squid Game” is the most compelling for so many reasons. While the idea of a gamblish game and betting on your life sounds entertaining, it isn’t all that when a giant robot doll of a Korean girl challenges you to a game of “Red Light, Green Light.”


The infamous robot is known for eerily singing “무궁화 꽃이 피었습니다” (The Mugunghwa Flower has Blossomed), the Korean version of “Red Light, Green Light,” and turning its giant head to let those little, beady camera eyes frantically pace around the field to detect any movement from players before they are shot and killed for breaking the rules! SUPER SCARY!

But the real fear truly emites from her soul-less eyes, lack of expression, and overall massive size. However, Koreans might not be as spooked by this familair face as international fans might be as this character is a common textbook friend that many Koreans are used to seeing in their everyday school life.



Known as Younghee, this freakish girl is there to pleasently explain details about each chapter alongside her friendly (or possibly also creepy) male-counter part Chulsoo. Perhaps we can expect to see this boy as the two of them make a comeback in a round of future games? If you can’t wait, there is a movie about them you can buy here on Amazon!

The giant psycho-robot doll is gaining so much fame that it can be found not only in movie theaters in Manila, parks in Seoul, and even in museums, but it has also made its way into the internet as meme history!

Now that you know all about this crazy girl~~ on to the memes! Enjoy and don’t forget to share with your friends and let us know your favorite meme in the comments below! 🙂 Share more, too!








If you’re looking to watch more of the cast talk about “Squid Game” and see a hilarious clip of the doll sent to Jimmy Fallon as a gift, watch the video below!


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