Fans Go Crazy Over This Lost Footage of EXO Kai

What seemed to be a piece of lost history has now resurfaced after 8 long years! A video of EXO’s Kai crying has become the hot topic among fans as the video shows a precious moment in the group’s debut.

Eight years ago, a video was filmed by SHINee member Taemin, who is known for having a strong, long-lasting relationship with EXO’s Kai as they were trainees together and working under the same company. After EXO debuted and they scored their first win with “Wolf,” Taemin recorded a video of EXO’s Kai bawling his eyes out backstage. The cute video was said to be on Taemin’s old phone that unfortunately broke and was never seen again.

However, the video has stood the test of time in the hands of another celebrity friend! Taemin’s long time friend Kwon Ho had revealed during one of Kai’s many YouTube videos from his series ‘KAIst‘ that he still had the old foortage saved to his phone after receiving the messages and files from Taemin.

Check out the video below that EXO fans are completely obsessing over!

What do you think of the video? Fans left comments saying “Wow I can’t believe I’m finally seeing this”, “Taemin’s laughing is so cute”, “They were both babies back then!”, “Heol, I thought that phone was broken”, “This was Taemin’s plan all along kekekeke”, “Taemin is laughing so loud while his friend is crying uncontrollably kekekeke”, “I never thought I’d see this”, “I remember this! I was in high school back then.”

While after much digging, fans were able to find other videos online where users were able to save the vid and reupload it in the past, it still makes you wonder what other K-Pop relics could be hiding and waiting to be discovered? Check out more updates and see what we may find next in future posts!


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