Video of Man Attacking K-Pop Cover Girl Group Goes Viral + Sparks Controversy

Coronavirus seems to not have come to a halt and the same can be said for Asian Hate crimes in America. While some feel that the issues have been resolved and their are no more targeted attacks, a new video is proof that the hate is still going on.

The video shows a group of girls dancing in the streets (ironically to STAYC’s new hit song “Stereotype”) when suddenly a man approaches them calling them communists, belittling them for wearing masks and hits their cameras. Check out the disturbing footage below – although no one was hurt the footage is still upsetting to see. If the video doesn’t load on your browser, click the link to see direct footage from the Instagram account it was posted on.

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The girls were filming in Boston, an area that does have a populated Asian community, and were approached by the man who has yet to be identified by social media. According to the girls, the man was upset that they were still wearing masks and accused their dance of being communist propoganda before they pulled out their phones and he began to swing at them and try to hit their phones out of one of the dancer’s hands.

Although more details haven’t been revealed about the story, it is shocking to think that something as innocent as dancing to K-Pop in the streets, which has garnered wide-spread recognition as a global phenomenon, is still being met with racism and Asian Hate. People are still questioning if Coronavirus is the blame behind the hate or simply the fuel to the fire of racism people had lingering within them all this time. With the hysterics of anti-vaxxers or no-mask rallies, it seems these hate crimes will continue to emerge – despite non-Asian Americans saying there are no such crimes happening combined with authorities’ lack of attention to the matter.

What did you think of the disturbing video footage? Share your thoughts down below and stay safe! To lighten up your mood, check out STAYC’s uplifting song down below!

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