Asian Fans of Squid Game Are Ironically Mad About Its Popularity

With Netflix’s new hit series “Squid Game” placing 1st in over 90 countries and being streamed by over 111 million accounts in its first month of its release, the success of this Korean series should be bringing fans nothing but joy, right? Think again.

Fans, although delighted by all the achievements the show has achieved, are more upset at the public and their sudden change in attitude towards Asians.


Before it was nothing but Asian Hate and various Asian communities being targeted and blamed for the spread of Coronavirus. From K-Pop cover girl groups being attacked on the streets to professional athletes being targeted by online bullying, it seemed that the discrimination against Asians would never cease. Now, due to “Squid Game,” no one can stop commenting about how handsome, beautiful, or sexy some of these stars are and how these “fans” developed a sudden interest in Asian actors. Everyone suddenly wants a piece of Wi Ha Joon when before people couldn’t even bare the sight of Asian people on a crowded train. It seems the double standard simply isn’t sitting well within the Asian community and rightfully so.

Althought the actors are breaking many barriers and are proving you don’t need a white lead to make a successful drama, movie, or to produce things in simply English (for those who can’t bare subtitles going across their screens), it seems that the sudden popularity around these Asian stars is also critically hitting the Asian Community where it hurts. Essentially, only the famous are beloved and free of ridicule. 

What do you think about the contrasting opinions of these new fans and the pain Asian fans still feel? Can you relate to the situation or do you feel it isn’t worth getting angry over people’s fickle minds? Share your thoughts down below. If you saw “Squid Game” are you interested in learning where that giant robot doll’s origins are from or the cast’s amazing interview with Jimmy Fallon? Click the links for more awesome stories. 

One thought on “Asian Fans of Squid Game Are Ironically Mad About Its Popularity

  1. I like to think critically, especially during topics as sensitive as these.

    Before anything, I’ve listened to KPop and international shows since high school and now I’m 23 and so much more in love with the music and entertainment Korean culture because of their creativity and hard work that shows beyond the screen.

    Now getting into the questions that pop up to really help me make an opinion are:
    1. Are the people complimenting and engaging in positive feedback to the entertainment Industry in Korea the same people slandering & hurting those who aren’t famous?
    > Reason for this question: To discern if this is hypocritical behavior or if there’s more that needs to be looked into.

    2. Is it not healthy that individuals are coming forward or even having a change of heart?

    Did research on “Evidence on Asian Hate Crime 2021” and understand the hurt and injustice hateful individuals inflicted on the Asian-American community.

    For all I know these individuals coming out with loving KDramas may have already been long-term fans or are new fans that took a while to open up their hearts.

    > OPIONION: At the end of the day I am not upset at individuals who have chosen to genuinely change, come forward with their full support, or have been continuous fans/supporters of Asians as people. What I DON’T approve of are any hypocrites(means pretenders) who pretend to be supporters but their actions reflect otherwise. IDK who are the hypocrites as they haven’t been identified with evidence.
    > Those who are hypocrites will get what they deserve and those who’ve had a genuine heart change already have the weight of their past on their should and any social repercussions that I don’t know about as I’m not involved in their lives to be in the know about how they are suffering or to decide for myself if they need to be punished as it’s not my place to decide those things.

    This was a great post to write on and again, IDK all the facts of whose who and what are they doing.

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