Can Foreigners Be In A K-Pop Group Like KAACHI

With more and more people discussing representation in media, it seems K-Pop is no exception. While it has been a topic up for discussion for quite some time, many people still wonder if groups with non-Asian members like KAACHI can really succeed and if they are really K-Pop?

Well, as a matter of fact, it seems that fame is not far out of reach for girl groups like KAACHI! Since their debut with “Your Turn,” KAACHI has stirred up quite the controversy amongst new and older K-Pop fans – especially due to their relations with Oli London, a notorious for being a Koreaboo and poorly representing fans, K-culture, and make a spectacle of himself rather than being an influencer. Their MV may have 14 Million views but it was met with extremely harsh criticism (with reason…). 

After some member changes, rebranding and development, the girls are back with their third (technically 5th song) major comeback track “GET UP.” The group eagerly prepared these promotions in Korea and filmed at Lotte World, one of Korea’s major theme parks. 

Global marketing company Kreaon led the production and partnership between Lotte world and KAACHI for their production on “Magic Island” and in other noticeable locations.

According to their agency, with their biggest dream being to inspire their fans, KAACHI portrayed students who are working hard towards their dreams of being artists while still focusing on their education. A continuation of self-loving and inspirational themes previously seen within their work, KAACHI set the tone for their video in the magical Lotte World, being the first UK’s Kpop artists to ever film a video in their amusement parks. Check out the MV below and see just how much the group has grown.

While KAACHI still remains a hot topic debate and if fans can truly take them seriously in the world of K-Pop or not, similar to BLACK SWAN, the girls continue to put in their efforts and show that international fans can also achieve their dreams of being on stage in Korea and singing (or maybe even making) K-Pop songs, too! The MV has garnered close to 400K views since its release three days ago. What do you think of the song and the group? Should they give up while they are ahead or pioneer a new side of K-Pop? Share your thoughts in the comments below.


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