Emily Mei Debuts Anime-Inspired MV With Amber Liu and CLC’s Sorn + Shares How K-Pop Inspires Her [INTERVIEW]

Starting her music career with a bang, Emily Mei has teamed up with Amber Liu and CLC’s Sorn to create “My Domain” which pays homage to its anime and K-pop inspirations in an ambitious new sound and MV.

With a massive fanbase of over 20 million followers, it is no surprise that the MV already attracted close to 1 Million views. Titled as “Episode 1,” “My Domain” is a moody, expressive track with an unforgettable beat that blends these talented singers, former rapper of K-Pop sensation f(x) Amber Liu and CLC Sorn, perfectly. The beginning, the connection, the start of a dark adventure with this new talent, Emily Mei. Check out the stunning MV for yourself below.

“I’m so honored to release this first music episode with two of my best friends, Sorn and Amber. I wrote this song to remind myself and others that you don’t need anyone else to be complete, you don’t need anyone who hurts you, and you are powerful on your own. I feel like everyone has a ‘MEI’ inside them, a darker side they don’t usually show to others, a side that sometimes
takes over when times are tough. I hope people watch our journey and feel a release, feel like they have someone to relate to.” 

After hearing more and more about this epic song, who could resist the urge to have a deeper conversation with Emily about her exciting debut and new concept? We sat down with Emily and got a chance to dig deeper into her  ideas for “My Domain,” collaboration, musical choices, future plans and what this release means to her!

Q1. What made you believe Amber and Sorn were the perfect fit for your debut song “My Domain” and what energy did they bring to your concept?

“When I wanted to make a song that highlighted independence and courage I immediately thought of Amber and Sorn! They have always been there for me through my ups and downs and kept me sane. I also wanted an excuse to do something fun with my close friends and take them out of their comfort zone – we love a good challenge.”


Q2. Was there a memorable behind-the-scenes moment between you and the girls?

“My most memorable moment with Amber was watching her struggle to do the butterfly kick with the bo staff, I thought she was going to throw her whole back out but she pulled it off after a few takes! My favorite moment with Sorn was actually when I showed her the look I wanted her to do then pulled out the clothes and her eyes opened so wide. I thought she was going to oppose but she was like ‘HELL YEAH~ LET’S DO IT!’ I love that they’re so open-minded!”

Q3. Is there a song or style you originally wanted to debut with that was different from “My Domain” and the current concept?

“I originally wanted to debut with a city pop track that I have but realized it wouldn’t fit with the storyline. I knew I wanted a cyberpunk feel with action so I decided to do a new song and that’s how we ended up with ‘My Domain’ and I couldn’t be happier with my decision and the song.”

Q4. Is there another artist you plan to work with in the future?

“I have a couple features already, don’t want to spoil who, but I think it’ll be really exciting and unexpected! I can’t wait for everyone to hear it.”


Q5. If you could be in a Kpop Girl Group, which group would you choose?

“Actually, if I could be reborn again, I think I’d want to be a boy in a boy group. Perhaps I’d play guitar in a band, I’ve played guitar for 6 years and always wanted to be a rockstar when I was younger.”

Who knows, with such great talent, maybe we will see Emily Mei collaborating with some male artists soon or even whipping out the guitar for a few of her special feature tracks! We can only wait and see~ Let us expect more from this amazingly futuristic artist and continue to show our support for “My Domain” and other upcoming projects.

Did you enjoy the interview? Stay tuned for more updates and more exciting stories with your favorite K-Pop stars!

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