Another Korean Actor Accused of Forced Abortion and Abandoning Ex-GF In Viral Post + Text Messages

If you’re rolling your eyes and whispering “Here we go again,” you have every right to do so as it seems the Korean entertainment industry continues to be riddled with a plague of scandals as of late.

Similiar to famous actor Kim Seon-ho of the top trending drama Hometown Cha Cha Cha,’ who experienced trauma due to his immediate expulsion from the entertainment industry overnight after a cancel culture frenzy, actor “K” is also seemingly losing his career over similiar news and text messages right after blowing up with popularity.


Posts all over social media explain how “Actor K” or “The Prince of Housewives” allegedly abandoned his girlfriend after issues regarding marriage, his celebrity status, and abortions. According to the viral post left on a community site, the ex-girlfriend stated “When I requested he deleted nude photos of me, Actor K said he would sue me for threatening him. After that, he blocked me. Actor K divorced in early 2017. I only dated him and started the relationship after confirming his divorce. I’m not a cheater or cheated with him. Since we started dating, he always said he would marry me if I got pregnant and release articles about it. He told me to trust him without worry as he would take responsibility for me. I believed him and did not use contraceptives or protection.”


In the end, despite being pregnant with the child for so long, the ex-girlfriend shared proof of their relationship with various messages they shared as well as the final message and documents of her abortion saying she “threw the baby away.” The text reads, “Anyway, since oppa tossed me away, I wasn’t going to tell you. But you’re the father, so I’m telling you that we sent our unborn child away,” alongside pictures of a medical form.


Since then, the post has been deleted but it hasn’t stopped netizens from sharing it like while fire alongside their opinions. After the whole debacle backfiring on the last crazy ex-girlfriend that lied to the public, netizens are truly wondering if they can trust these suspicious posts that are coming out of the blue anymore.

How do you feel about these scandals and this new story? Do you think it is doing more harm and unjust to actors and idols or should they pay the price for the harsh things they may have done in their private lives? Share your thoughts down below.


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