AleXa Shares Thoughts As Being A K-Pop Artist In The Metaverse [INTERVIEW]

K-Pop sensation AleXa has been making noise and stealing the scene with her slew of releases and incredible stages for countless virtual K-Pop concerts. Now, she stole the scene in a whole new universe!

The Metaverse, a hypothesized iteration of the Internet, supporting persistent online 3-D virtual environment similiar to games like ‘Second Life,’ is K-Pop’s next target with AleXa being their leader! The daringly futuristic idol who released “Xtra” with BM of KARD during the summer had prepared a unique global fan stage. The female powerhouse is once again pushing the boundaries of fan engagement, becoming the first K-pop artist to stage a virtual “Global Fan Party” together with games technology company Improbable.

According to the company, “AleXa’s Global Fan Party presented a never-before-seen interactive experience for fans all around the globe, and featured unique music performances and opportunities to interact with AleXa – and her virtual avatar – in real-time.” After the success of her event, AleXa met with us and shared her thoughts on the experience, her time spent with fans, and other great facts about her music!

Check out the interview below and learn a little more about our favorite K-Pop soloist!

Q1. Now that you’re being made into a metaverse avatar, what kind of aesthetic does your avatar have that is different from your visual as a K-Pop artist and your personal life?

“I think the fact that the avatar had a bionic arm was a cool feature to differentiate digital AleXa from myself.”

Q2. How did you first hear about the metaverse and what did you think of the concept?

“When my company first informed me that this opportunity arose, I was curious to see how it would be executed. The team behind Improbable & Scavengers really made a cool digital universe for my fans to gather and connect!”


Q3. Do you think pioneering virtual concerts should continue to exist after the pandemic or will it fade out due to the in-person experiences real concerts offer?

“It will most likely carry on, post pandemic. However, I do hope that in-person concerts resume soon.”

Q5. You recently collaborated with BM of KARD for your song “Xtra” – how was it working with him and what was a memorable part of the experience?

“He’s a really humble and talented guy. I’m happy he agreed to appear in my music video. Maybe next time, we’ll actually get on a track together.”

Q6. You seem to continuously amaze us with your various hairstyles – although I love them all, which one do you think was the most fun to rock in your MVs, and would you frequent this hairstyle again?

“Not so much style-wise, but terms of color, I found the mint hair that I had for ‘Revolution’ quite pretty. I also really liked my pink hair for ‘Xtra.'”

Q7. For new fans of AleXa, what song would you recommend they listen to first?

“I’d recommend my debut song ‘Bomb.'”

Q8. Lastly, do you have any words for your fans?

“Thank you for the constant love and support. Hopefully I’ll be seeing you soon with a new song and new image that you will enjoy. Stay healthy and happy, please.” 

AleXa seems like a woman of many talents who loves her fans and has hopes of sharing more wonderful things with them in the future!

What did you think of the interview? Did you attend the virtual event? Let us know your thoughts about AleXa down below~ Don’t forget to show your love and support on her official YouTube Channel here.

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