YOUNHA Celebrates 18 Year Anniversary With ‘END THEORY’+ Desire To Work With EXO D.O [INTERVIEW]

The talented YOUNHA has been blessing the world of K-Pop for over 18 years. Since her debut back in 2004 with “Yubikiri,” she has continued to excel as both a singer and song-writer.

Now, YOUNHA is back with her 6th studio album ‘END THEORY’ which she spent one long year diligently producing. The album contains many familiar elements while offering something unique and attention-grabbing for both old fans and new listeners alike. With over 11 tracks and a wondrous story of adventure, YOUNHA teleports fans through her endless journey through the magic of her warm voice and heartfelt music. Check out her title track “Stardust” and enjoy the whimsical trip through the universe!

With so much more to give and create, YOUNHA revealed she doesn’t see herself putting a halt to her music career any time soon. Her deep desire and the support of her fans keep her going and she eagerly shared her thoughts about this album, future work, and personal life in the interview below! Take a moment to enjoy YOUNHA’s cheerful responses alongside her special fan message video down below!

Q1. Your new song “Stardust” is emotional and shows us a moment of time people want to return to. Is there a specific message you want people to know when they listen to your new song?

YOUNHA. “They say our home is the universe, right? I want you to feel like you have traveled to that place you live now. Then a lot of things will seem new again.”

Q2. Your album cover for ‘END THEORY’ has a feeling of a legendary adventure or an old story of a different world. What was your idea for the concept when designing this album and the name?

YOUNHA. “In the most comfortable and familiar space, at home or in a room, I tried to express the feeling of a traveler with very different props, items and clothes. The album package is like a faded book, so I thought it would be nice to open it and see what kind of story it contains. Considering the message that encapsules ‘END THEORY’ doesn’t necessarily have to be dark and heavy!”

Q3. The album has a sense of nostalgia and longing for things in the past. Is there something you miss lately or a time you wish you could go back to?

YOUNHA. “It was not good for me to think about the past. I wouldn’t dismiss it as bad luck, and the past has been bothering me for a long time. However, I think I have come to realize that ‘the moment I decorate the past beautifully in a certain frame, I can become a person who appreciates it. After all, remembering the past and living in the past are two different things.”


Q4. How has the pandemic affected you? Did you create this album during the pandemic or is it something you’ve planned for a long time?

YOUNHA. “Out of the two years of the pandemic, 1 year was forcibly closed, and 1 year was to make this album. It’s really meaningful because it’s an album that made me think a lot and relieved me of issues and stress.”

Q5. Is there one song you think all people should listen to from the album?

YOUNHA. “‘Oort Cloud’ because you’ll feel like a Voyager crossing the Kuiper Belt and entering the Oort Cloud, where the comet is dormant!!”

Q6. The song “Stardust” reminds me of your previous song “괜찮다” (It’s Okay) because of the endless white space, visually traveling the universe alongside whimsical feelings. Is this magical concept something you enjoy doing the most or do you want to keep experimenting with your styles?

YOUNHA. “I think it’s because I like fantasy, so only magical concepts come to mind. It’s not something I’m particularly obsessed with, but my taste doesn’t seem to change very much. But I don’t think there’s any need to be confined just because a worldview is created. All my concepts will naturally lead to some kind of story.”

Q7. Last year, you featured RM of BTS for your song “Winter Flower,” but ‘END THEORY’ is solely all your work. Do you have any current collaborations you’re preparing or someone you want to work with?

YOUNHA. “There is a collaboration being prepared, but it is not a new face. A combination you’ve seen very often. (Laughs) Also, there is a person I want to work with recently. EXO’s D.O.’s acting is good, the stage performance is great, and I found his song to be seriously cool. I hope to work together someday.”

Q8. Personally, I think you’re looking younger and younger in each MV. Is there something you do to keep yourself healthy and beautiful or a special item you enjoy using? 

YOUNHA. It’s going to be a boring answer, but it’s real, so please believe me! Smile a lot, move a lot, and eat good food with good people.”

Q9. Lastly, I’m a really big fan of yours and so honored to write an article about you! Anything you want to say to your fans?

YOUNHA. “I was able to release an album like this because you always supported me to constantly explore. Thank you as always, and I will give you energy in the future!”

Did you enjoy the interview and YOUNHA’s realism? With more music left to create, YOUNHA has started the new year off well by creating more anticipation in fans! Although she has left us a remarkable gem of an album to enjoy from 2021 all the way to her next release, we can’t help but look forward to more of YOUNHA’s incredible work.

Check out her official fan message below and don’t forget to leave a comment as well!

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