Moon Sujin Has One Reason Why She Enjoyed Working With NCT Taeil + Releases New Album (INTERVIEW)

Moon Sujin, a name you have probably heard many times before but may have gone unnoticed by the more main-stream K-Pop audiences. With an array of talents under her belt, Moon is an incredible talent that fans won’t want to miss!

Debuting in 2018, Moon released her track “MILLION” with hit rapper Dok2. Soon after, she continued to pave her way to fame by working alongside artists such as EXO-SC,  Yoon Doo-Jun from Highlight GRAY, Sik-k and so on. You can check out her debut track below.

Continuing her career, Moon has been recognized as a blooming singer-songwriter as well. She continues to be creative and playful in her lyrics as she works to create new songs. She currently released a new track on December 11th of 2021 and it is the title track of her first album ‘Nudongja.’

With the excitement of her album in mind, Moon took the time to graciously tell us about her career, share her thoughts regarding her many popular collaborations, as well as her efforts in creating music she can feel proud of. Check out the exclusive interview below and do not forget to follow Moon on Instagram and scroll down for her other MVs and social media links!

Q1. You released a new track this month and fans want to know all the details and what inspired this new song?

“I wanted to show different music by melting band music and electronic music together which is music that I usually enjoy listening to. The previously released music pursued minimalism, but this time I tried to show a variety of musical images in one song, pursuing maximality.”

Q2. The release time is very interesting. Is this song the end to a good year or the start of a better one in 2022?

“I think it’s both. It can be said that this song is a hopeful signal for 2022 while ending on a good note for my 2021 activities. It’s a song that will be included in my first EP album to be released in 2022.”

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Q3. Any new music goals for 2022?

“I think it’s my first album release. As it was my first album, I put quite a lot of thought and effort into it for a long time.”

Q4. Any artist you have been hoping to work with? (KOREAN OR AMERICAN) 

“I want to work with DEAN. I respect him a lot. He is my friend and an artist colleague whom I respect. He has a sincerity towards music and is a very competent musician. He is surprisingly sharp and passionate.”

Q5. Your song ‘The Moon’ (저달) with NCT Taeil is by far the most popular! How did it feel working with him?

“I’ve been a fan of NCT for a long time. I told the staff that I wanted to collaborate with the vocal members specifically, and I had a good opportunity to work on this project with Taeil. It was a very meaningful experience and I was grateful to work with him.”

Q6. What is the best part of a collaboration instead of working alone?

“I think the biggest advantage is to create synergy with my new partner by filling the space that cannot only be filled by myself. The best part is the energy of various people.”

Q7. Is there any musical genre you think would be too difficult for you to explore such a country, alternative, techno or rap?

“I think the genre that I think is the most difficult would be hard rock or metal. This is because I don’t have a traditional band instrument that I can handle comfortably, like the guitar, bass, drums, etc.”

Q8. When did you first realize your talent for singing? 

“Since I was 6 or 7 years old, I liked to sing along to my favorite songs. While practicing singing along, I thought that I might have a talent for singing and could be a singer.”

Q9. What can we expect in the future? Any messages for fans?

“I will be releasing my first EP album this year! Until now, only singles and cover songs have been released, but this is my first time to create work in the form of an album, so I thought hard and tried a lot. I hope the fans like my album! I hope that you continue to cheer for my new album and my future. For my fans, I hope you’re healthy and happy!”

Are you even more interested in Moon Sujin after this fun-filled interview?? Don’t forget to show your support and check out her social media channels below for more updates on her album, future songs, and more amazing collaborations with Korean artists!~

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