AleXa Breaks Out The New Year With New Single ‘TATTOO’

If you don’t already know, AlexA has become quite a breakout artist in the past year. With more and more of her K-Pop singles dominating YouTube and wowing her fans, AleXa continues to strike while the iron is hot with her edgy new comeback.

Riding on the success of her last single ‘Xtra,’ which featured one of our favorite K-Pop stars that we interviewed BM of KARD, AleXa delivers more draw-dropping styles and catchy music with her bad-girl vibes in “TATTOO.” 

The lively and radical special single sonically embodies the feeling of heartbreak. The music video was partially filmed in California and showcases very famous hotspots and he beauty of California living. After AleXa’s National Anthem performance for the LA Dodgers in late 2021, she continues to make LA her playground. The song has a very smooth bubblegum-pop inspired instrumental that is airy and bouncy while fluttering along with AleXa’s strong yet tender vocals. The chorus features a very classic melody that makes the song and instant ear-worm! Not to mention, AleXa continues to showcase her great physique and daring fashion sense throughout her video. Check out her full English single “TATTOO” down below.

What did you think of the new single? Probably one of AleXa’s biggest hits yet! If you want to learn more about this talented singer on the rise, check out our latest interview here. 

AleXa Shares Thoughts As Being A K-Pop Artist In The Metaverse [INTERVIEW]

You can also enjoy her shoutout video down below!

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