Kim Seon Ho Shows Signs of Trauma After Being Canceled

If you remember, the beloved star Kim Seon Ho became a household sensation overnight! However, his popularity came crashing down once the messages from this actor’s manipulative ex-girlfriend were shared on message boards!

Back in October of 2021, Kim Seon Ho, who is best recognized for his lead acting role in ‘Hometown Cha Cha Cha’ was cancelled after messages of his abuse to his girlfriend and alleged enforced abortions went public. Despite it being completely the opposite and far from the truth, the damage was already done and in a flash, Kim Seon Ho was completely canceled. From losing his advertisement deals, and endorsements to even appearances on TV shows being rejected, his face blurred on previously recorded shows and future contracted acting roles being terminated, the star faced a plethora of problems you can see here.

Cancel Culture: A Toxic Trend Ruining The Lives of Celebrities in Korea

After being wrongly canceled, the actor faced so much hardship, blame, and was completely abandoned by the industry he grew to connect with. Due to the incessant trend of cancel culture ruining K-Pop idol’s lives, Kim Seon Ho received trauma and has shown just how negatively impacted he has been since this issue.

Recently, it has come to the attention of the media and the Korean entertainment industry that Kim Seon Ho will not be involved in any future acting, modeling, appearances and other similar activities for all of 2022. Aside from the major lead role he had contracted, lost, and reinstated again with ‘Sad Tropics,’ the actor and his agency stated that Kim Seon Ho has declined multiple opportunities and will not be taking on any new projects outside of the promotions and work of the film produced by Park Hoon Jung, who is famous for other films such as New World and The Witch: Part 1. The Subversion and more.

Kim Seon Ho revealed that the loss of a lead role in a major film would create a string of problems for the production and staff, so he maintained his position and will make it his only appearance for 2022. It seems after the industry completely pulled a 180* and turned their backs on the actor, Kim Seon Ho feels unsafe, uncomfortable and uneasy continuing this line of work. Now fans worry if more and more stars who faced this sort of issue will react the same way?

Aespa’s Giselle Cancelled For Lip-syncing The ‘N’ Word + Fans Demand Apology Among Controversy

Sadly, it seems cancel culture, an unhealthy bandwagon act that can often ruin the livelihood of many innocent people, has taken away the chance of seeing this talented actor on the stage and our TVs. As more and more Korean celebrities that are cancelled continues to grow, we can only worry how this will damage the entertainment industry. What do you think of the issues Kim Seon Ho is facing and his indefinite break? Share your thoughts below.


5 thoughts on “Kim Seon Ho Shows Signs of Trauma After Being Canceled

  1. You are jumping to a whole lot of conclusions, as typical of media outlets just looking to get a click. You have no idea of WHY he declined offers… but you spin a narrative just to get attention. Well, you have mine. I am disgusted with the media’s coverage of this actor. Has the TRUTH not been enough? False allegations, speculations, rumors, assumptions… your article is a part of the CANCEL CULTURE. He could have other plans for the rest of his year, he could want to vacation with his family, Why would you speculate when you are a “journalist”? Trash. Garbage. That’s what your article is. Did this info even come from Salt, or did you just write what you saw in another trash article?

  2. No other topics to talk about? Wow, just stop talking about it. Is this a fact? Write for people to realize that we are humans who have emotions.
    Do you like that people keep on asduming about what you do in life?

    These kinds of assumptions drive people to better not exist.

    Well,i am not surprised because Jesus who never did wrong was killed because of assumptions.

    Make the world a healthy place for people who are in pain.

  3. The traumatising situation that the brilliantly talented and likeable Kim Seonho has found himself surrounded by is a very sad indictment of the punishing way K entz is run. Had it not been for his huge international fan base rallying around him he would no doubt have been swallowed up in what is revealed as a cruel & exploitative corporate system. Their attempt to cancel out the hit HometownChaChaCha has also backfired. I very much hope KSH will be able to recover and that the industry learns that the dangers of instant judgement not only impact traumatically on dedicated stars, but deeply distress many fans of all ages, and in the end reflect very badly on the industry and country it represents. Every actor should have the human right to some personal space instead of being marketed as wedded to fans and working 7 days pwk. I wish the honourable & admirable Kim Seonho all the best for his future, whatever he decides to do ✌🌻💙

  4. I just discovered Korean dramas and Kim Seon Ho. I want to see more and more of him because he is an AMAZING actor. If he isn’t appreciated in Korea he should come to the U.S!

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