Sam Kim Puts A ‘Smile’ On Fans’ Faces With New Dance Track Produced By R3HAB [INTERVIEW]

Sam Kim is a force to be reckoned with as he pursues to dominate with his refreshing tracks and seriously funky sounds in music. Keeping to his own distinct tempo and continuing to add flavor to K-Pop, Sam has made a comeback that simply can’t go under the radar.

Known for his work as an OST singer, Sam Kim continues to gain tremendous popularity with hit songs “The Juice” and “Breath,” not to mention his collaborations with top artists like Zico, that traverse the various genres of music. Now, Sam’s latest dance track “Smile” is the next big thing people can’t resist adding to their playlist. 

Produced by R3HAB, the song “Smile” is a fun and free funky-synthetic track with an upbeat tempo, bouncy instrumental, and playfully charming style of singing. Again, Sam proves he isn’t afraid to experiment and let loose with not only his music genres but also his lyrics and feelings through his emotional music. 

Enjoy the uplifting track below as you read through this fun and personal interview with the talented singer Sam Kim!

Q1. Congratulations on your new release! Can you describe how your writing/production process went for this project?

SAM: “Thank you so much! At first I wrote the song with a guitar; like I usually do. Then I sent it over to R3HAB and he worked his magic over it to completely transform it from the original. A very fun process!”

Q2.  How did your collaboration with R3HAB come about?

SAM: “My team showed me his music and I really liked it. I was curious what would come out if we worked together.”

Q3. What is one interesting backstory behind a song that fans may not know about?

SAM: “Usually you record in the song’s original bpm (tempo), but for this song my producer Simon Pétren and I thought it’d be interesting to record it in a slower bpm and speed it back up to the original. What you hear is that effect.”

Q4. What message did you want to communicate to listeners with this track?

SAM: “Sam Kim got funk!”

We always knew Sam “got funk” since he released “The Juice” though~

Q5. If you could describe your upcoming track in one word, what would it be?

SAM: Funkadellic.”

Q6 You’ve gained recogition for your talents and emotional stories in tracks such as “Love Me Like That” and versatility in “These Walls.” What made you decide to now venture into creating your first dance music track? How did you find the experience?

SAM: “This actually wouldn’t be my first dance track! I have a song called ‘Dance’ and a song called ‘The Juice’ which I actually danced to. Overall, even though they were all slightly out of my comfort zone, I had a lot of fun writing and singing them.”

Q7 Did you have any fears about diving into a new genre other than R&B and K-Pop?

SAM: “Not at all! I love exploring new genres, I think there’s always something to learn in each one. I have yet to learn my lesson in heavy metal though. That’s for another time.”

You can check out the range of Sam Kim’s talents below as he featured a plethora of his best tracks on ‘Killing Voice’ on Dingo Music‘s YouTube Channel.

Q8 As a musician, how does it feel creating a dance music track when you have mostly worked on ballads and acoustics with your guitar?

SAM: “It was really refreshing to step out of my bubble for a little bit and dive into unfamiliar grounds. I end up learning and growing the most in these situations.”

Q9 ‘The Juice’ was such a fun song and perfect for the middle of summer. You have truly mastered the R&B genre. What is a genre you want to try next? Which genres do you like listening to in your day-to-day?

SAM: “I would love to get into hip-hop. Though I don’t have the voice or delivery of a rapper, I really do enjoy listening to the stories of rappers with those qualities. Kendrick is my go-to.”

Q10. Let’s talk about your viral OST ‘Love Me Like That’ for the popular K-drama ‘Nevertheless.’ What was your response when you realized that it had become such a hit?

SAM: “I remember writing this song a few years back when I was going through a rough time and it is probably why I never thought to give it a chance. When I saw how many people could relate to the song the doubt went away and I think the 20-year-old me who wrote it finally felt accepted.”

Q11 ‘Love and Relationships’ are recurring themes in your music and OSTs. What do you think it is about music that elevates a drama or movie further since you have lent your voice to so many memorable OSTs?

SAM: “Even though I can’t see the scenes my OSTs will play in beforehand, I try my hardest to read the story in the lyrics and deliver the emotions to the best of my ability. I ask the songwriter lots of questions such as, “Should I sing this phrase a little softer? More powerful, sad?” etc… The songwriters behind every such decision are the real MVPs.”

Q12. You have worked and collaborated with a variety of artists. From Zico to pH-1 and Crush, are there any other Korean artists you like listening to nowadays or have been inspired by and would like to collaborate with them in the future?

SAM: “So many! I would love to do something with BTS as a songwriter, and collab with BiBi as an artist. So many talented people to draw inspiration from.”

Q13 Can you recommend some songs that you enjoy listening to these days?

SAM: Silk Sonic. Anything by them. Being a long-time fan of both Anderson Paak and Bruno Mars. This project to me is a dream come true. A specific song I listen to when I feel like nothing’s going right is Park Hyo Shin’s ‘Breath.’ It never fails to remind me that I’m not alone.”

Q14. What do you like to do in your spare time? What is your latest hobby?

SAM: “Love playing good ol’ fashioned FPS (First person shooter) games. Lately, however, I’m more into single-player adventure games with a nice story to dive into.”

Q15. You saw the globally popular “Squid Game” drama, correct? If you could excel at one challenge,
which would it be and why?

SAM: “With most of the games being based on luck the only game I’m confident in is Red Light, Green Light. Mama told me never to fall for and chase after a girl who can spin her head 180 degrees and kill on sight but you know, love will prevail and all that.”

Q16. As we enter the New Year, what is your main goal for 2022 and what would you like to show fans next?

SAM: “I can’t say because I don’t want to jinx it but I do have lots planned! It’s finally my year, the year of the Tiger, and I want to make it meaningful!”

Sam Kim_Profile_Main cut

Q17. Can you please share a message for your global fans?

SAM: “Thank you so much for all the support. Each and every one of you pushed me to be a better me and also showed me love that I sometimes forget to give myself. I wish you all health and happiness in these rough times and I will see you all very soon. ♡”

Did you enjoy Sam Kim’s exclusive interview? Sam continues to appeal to his fans’ need for some R&B funk in each and every release (outside of his heart-warming ballads, of course)! Let’s continue to support Sam by following him on social media and listening to “Smile” from the official links below! Don’t forget to share this article with friends, comment below for Sam, and stay tuned for more interview updates!




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