Epik High’s Tablo Just Lost 10 Years of His Music + Lyrics Because of This Mistake

When people say to back-up your work or save copies of important things you need… trust me, they mean it! Unfortunately, Epik High’s Tablo learned this the hard way.

The veteran singer was overjoyed after making headlines that the hit rap group, Epik High, are the first K-Pop act/Korean artists to be invited back to Coachella to headline for a second time, but now he is weeping in sadness after the unthinkable happened.

Tablo took to his personal twitter to post his sad incident saying, “My IOS automatically updated and all the notes and the lyrics that I have written over the past ten years on my memo notes app have been erased…” – talk about a tragedy!


Many fans sympathized with the singer saying how “awful” the situation is and wondering “how could this happen?” What hurts even more is to think of all the great masterpieces we may be missing out on due to this update suddenly happening. However, some fans think it may have updated to the cloud or somehow be retrievable through another tech service or contacting the manufacturer.

Despite this, some other fans took to the comments to suggest his mistake could have been easily avoided. “Who the hell goes 10 years without backing up something that important?” said one fan, with others agreeing and chiming in “That’s why I always back up everything on a USB port … (you also have external hard disk for more space).”

Although, all of these things could be destroyed as well, a back up is always important to have. Nothing lasts forever, sadly, but here is hoping Tablo can get his music back – or at least remember most of his notes!

Stay tuned for more updates about Epik High and their future appearances for Coachella!

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