This Korean Celebrity Talks About How They Almost Pooped Themselves On Camera

Recently, the internet is going crazy over the news of a Korean celebrity who almost Sh!t themselves on camera. While it seems like an impossible nightmare that could never come true, it did for one person.

If you thought holding in a poop during a Zoom meeting was a challenge, imagine holding it in while you’re traveling through Jeju Island on a mountain hike in front of a camera crew filming for ‘I Live Alone.’ Unfortunately, this was the harsh reality for veteran talent Park Na Rae, who was filming her portion of the series in Jeju this month.

While hiking through the trails that are roughly 25 kilometers long, Park Na Rae took a break to rest her tired legs and enjoy some healthy snacks anybody on the mountain would want to eat in order to feel refreshed. Check out the hilarious video and translations of the hilarious scene below!

However, as Park Na Rae describes, “I fxxked up and ate too much!” She explained, “Somehow, the synergy of the banana and the sweet potato created some sort of motion in my stomach similar to the Big Bang.” On the verge of exploding, Park Narae is seen power walking for her life to the nearest restroom until she begins to start jogging while shaking around a carrot in her hand. The funny caption subtitles read, “Oh, carrot, give me strength,” as she vigorously shakes it up and down in between steps, begging for a bathroom to be nearby.

Park Na Rae even becomes desperate and begins to search for places in public where no one could see her and she could poop in privacy. Fortunately, it didn’t have to come to that and, after her first failed attempt at finding a cafe that was open, the second cafe she spotted was available and she was able to go to a restroom to relieve herself… almost right away! She had to wait for the owner to greet her, first!

Viewers were dying over the poop tragedy that had befallen Park Na Rae saying, “We have all been there,” and “Anyone with IBS would know this horrific pain,” and more. According to MBC, the viewer ratings increased by over 11.1% due to the comical antics of Park Na Rae. What did you think of the hilarious video? Have you ever experienced something so similarly horrible yourself? Share (or maybe don’t share…) your thoughts in the comments and this funny post with your friends!

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