Fans Scammed! Buying Fake K-Pop Concert Tickets Online For TWICE

Whether a performer is popular or not, there is always a crook seeking out desparate individuals who fall prey to their schemes. Now, ONCEs (official fans of TWICE) are noticing some fake tickets appearing online and are warning others of the issue.

Recently, TWICE have started their 4th World Tour concert ‘III’ and have already held some impressive concerts and shows in North America. However, after the success of the two LA concerts held last week, many fans were uploading photos and videos online of the concert and how much fun it was to see the group in person again. However, alongside the fun, many other fans began expressing their disappointment of being scammed into buying fake tickets – not only in person but mostly online!

In a forum, fans began uploading photos and asking one another if the tickets were real or not and to compare them with other official purchased tickets. Some fans commented on small slight differences such as the venue location, the time being subtly different, or spelling not matching the official ticket info. See an example of some allegedly “scam” tickets that were posted to a forum down below.



Here is the current dates and venue information for TWICE’s ‘III’ 4th World Tour.

North America

February 15, Tuesday – Los Angeles (The Forum)

February 16, Wednesday – Los Angeles (The Forum)

February 18, Friday – Oakland (Oakland Arena)

February 22, Tuesday – Dallas (Dickies Arena)

February 24, Thursday – Atlanta (State Farm Arena)

February 26, Saturday – New York (UBS Arena)

February 27, Sunday – New York (UBS Arena)


April 23, Saturday – Tokyo (Tokyo Dome)

April 24, Sunday – Tokyo (Tokyo Dome)

Do you think your tickets may be fake? Nowadays, due in part to the advanced technology, people are doing more and more to scam K-Pop fans who may be ill-knowledged about venue operations and more. Not only fans, but the K-Pop companies themselves are very unaware of the situation as they are dealing with an overseas venue and claim little to no responsibility for these sorts of issues. Hence why buying from third-party sellers and vendors can be a very tricky situation.

Despite the rules being adjusted and concerts reopening, it seems that the adjustment from Coronavirus has created many problems in how the entertainment industry is operating around the changes. Want to know some tips on how to avoid getting scammed at a K-Pop concert?

  • Be sure to check the official poster and PR released from the established website for the concert and world tour. Sites like this, allkpop, kpopstars, Kpopconcerts, Kpopmap, etc. all provide official information and pictures of the concert posters. The posters always include accurate venue information and WHO you should be buying your tickets from.
  • Check the ticket vendor’s official site and be sure the date, times, locations, and prices match press release information that is posted on official sites recently. Be sure to cross-check a few reliable sites so you know that the repetitive information is legit.
  • Purchase your tickets through paypal or a credit card company that provides money-back guarantees and protection program services so your money can be put on hold and saved from being taken by scammers. Credit card companies gladly look into these cases for you in order to prevent loss of funds.
  • Lastly, always screenshot your purchases and be sure to have a valid receipt sent to your email.

I hope this information will be helpful and prevent future scams against innocent K-Pop fans! What do you think of this shocking news? Be sure to share this post with friends and help prevent the future spread of scammers in K-Pop and fake K-Pop concert tickets.

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