Netizens Blame STAYC’s Stylist For Sieun’s Ankle Injury

Fashion kills – the phrase is almost taken too literally as STAYC member Sieun was seen walking around in over-sized high-heels that simply did not fit her and had her falling in the streets.

STAYC, who recently made their comeback with their second mini-album ‘YOUNG-LOVE.COM,’ sported some jaw-dropping in the MV but experienced some difficulties with their fashion off-camera. Fans voiced their concern after a viral video on Twitter was posted of the idol walking outside of the SBS building for STAYC’s current radio show promotions and tripping on her way in. CLICK HERE TO SEE THE VIDEO!

As the members were exiting their van and entering the building, Sieun could be visible seen having difficulty walking as she trailed behind the other members. While walking, she began to stumble and twist her ankle. Upon further inspection, news outlet photos and press shots show the huge and obvious gap that can be easily seen between Sieun’s heel and the burgundy red plastic platform pumps.


Fans immediately began to wonder why the idol was sent out with these ridiculous shoes to begin with. Although I personally enjoy them, many fans commented on the fashion being outdated, ugly, and not worth the risk of tripping and dying. I can agree with the latter for sure.

This also raised an issue among fans of how stylists are managing artists and how companies are often not overseeing the final results and ensuring the artists’ comfort or safety when promoting with the outfits given to them – such as the issues that arose from ENHYPEN’s Jake necklace that angered Muslim fans.

Fans Say Blame ENHYPEN’s Company Not Member Jake For V-Live + Inkigayo Controversy

Despite her fall, Sieun appears to still be OK and did not suffer from any serious injuries. Still, companies should be aware of what their artists are wearing and companies that often recycle fashion among artists should consider wardrobes that are appropriate for idols. If you don’t know, many K-Pop companies rely on third-party fashion businesses that receive collections and fashion lines to cycle through from artist to artist. While recycled fashion creates fun “who wore it better” content, it can also create a problem for idols not receiving clothes right for them and companies appearing low-budgeted.

What are your thoughts on this issue? Share your opinions in the comments below! Interested in more K-Pop fashion? Check out other articles here!

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