Families in Ukraine Take Shelter Under BTS Billboard + Korean Netizens React

The recent tragedies plauging the Ukraine have the whole world in shock as they watch the horror of war unfold as Russia began invading the country.

Many images and videos have been spreading across the internet, but one particular post has hit K-Pop fans the hardest. It was recently revealed that groups of people have been seeking shelter in the subways and other underground areas to avoid military attacks and bombing. One of the pictures show groups of people and families cowering in fear under a subway advertisement of BTS member J-Hope – which was fundraised and posted by Ukraine Armies.


Many fans and armies from Ukraine commented how just weeks ago people gathered there laughing, taking pictures, and joyfully celebrating the idols birthday. Now, it is becoming a surreal atmosphere as a place that once brought so much happiness looks depressing and dark. Still, many international and Korean fans commented that they hope J-Hope can bring them hope, make them smile, and think of happier days.

The official Ukraine Army Twitter posted:Our project for J-Hope from UAverse Ukraine in Kyiv metro… it’s hard to see how people now saving their lives here but a few weeks ago we made photos and laugh there. We just crying and can’t believe smth like this happens in Ukraine. This war is a nightmare”

Some fan comments read:

 “J-Hope’s birthday was February 18, so this was really a few weeks ago that they would have celebrated there. This is really heartbreaking, I hope that this can all end in a peaceful manner,” “This is so sad. It really hurts my heart,” “I’m keeping everyone in my prayers,” and “I hope that a miracle happens and all those people are safe.”

Although some saw this post in good-spirits, other fans were upset by the fact that the posts seemed to focus around K-Pop and BTS rather than the actual tragedies and war at hand. However, the post has a story behind it and is a reminder of how dramatically the world was flipped upside down for the citizens of the Ukraine. It can also be a reminder of hope and happy things in a dark time. Perhaps people can feel a sense of togetherness and support from fellow armies. No matter what the case may be, the war is a sensitive issue and many people must respect others’ opinions regarding the matter.

What do you think of this matter? In the end let us help support, pray for, and hope the Ukraine will survive this awful devastation.


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