11 Times K-Pop Idols Impressed Fans By Singing In Spanish [Playlist]

If you can recall, many idols had covered Spanish songs during their overseas concerts for Latin American fans. Now, with more and more fans growing across the globe, idols are continuously impressing us with their abilities to sing in other languages!

While many videos of K-Pop idols singing in different languages are circulating around the internet, this time Latin America is getting the spotlight and these awesome K-Pop idols who cover Spanish songs will surely impress. As the market for K-Pop grows and grows in Latin countries, fans need a playlist as amazing as this one.

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While some of these covers may be challenges during show programs and YouTube events like “Try-Lingual,” the other full-covers from concerts or studio performances prove that K-Pop idols can do (and sing) just about anything.

Taemin – “Despacito”

SHINee’s Taemin has got the sauve swagger that makes any Spanish fan say “Que fuego!” The viral song “Despacito” took the world by storm and Korea was no exception. While many people jumped on the trend, Taemin completely made the song his own and dominated the stage at Music Bank Chile. The fans scream and chant alongside Taemin who keeps quenching our thirsts with his sexy dance moves and smooth vocals.

ATEEZ – “Wonderland”

Boy group ATEEZ really took on the challenge and did their best to sing “Wonderland” in Spanish. While some members may have had panic written all over their faces, other members like Yunho and Jungho have smooth pronunciation and really master their parts! Hopefully, the boys can practice together and do a full cover in the future.

EXO – “Sabor A Mi”

Without a doubt, the most famous cover of any Spanish song by a K-Pop idol is “Sabor A Mi” by EXO. This list would not be complete if EXO didn’t get a shout out. From the way they sing the heartfelt lyrics to the flawless pronunciation, EXO are a fine example of how to master singing in another language. Can we say Legends?


It seems KARD were probably the most successful with their “Try-lingual” challenge as they hit all the notes, kept the flow, and BM especially rapped his heart out when it came to his parts in Spanish. Perhaps KARD should consider having full releases in Spanish? Check out more about BM’s solo interview here!

Super Junior – “Ahora Te Puedes Marchar”

In 2019, Super Junior truly showed their love for their Latin American fans after releasing “Ahora Te Puedes Marchar,” an upbeat song that has blaring trumpets, festive beats, a spicy electric guiter rift, alongside an extremely catchy chorus. The full-Spanish release is the first of its kind in K-Pop that features a MV and pays homage to Luis Miguel (the original singer) and it proved to be popular. Although I love the live-concert performance, the MV is a must-see! THE WIGS!

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Eric Nam – “Ya Me Enteré”

When Eric Nam held his world tour and came to Mexico, he absolutely showered fans with love as he prepared an emotional cover of “Ya Me Enteré.” You can see who much Eric Nam practiced as he is completely invested in nailing a perfect performance for Mexican fans. The crowd was completely touched and the performance is absolutely one for the history books.

ASTRO – “La Bamba”

For KCON Mexico 2017, fans were delighted to see the fresh-faced boy group ASTRO taking the stage and performing to the iconic dance track “La Bamba!” As expected, the boys brought the energy and light up the stage with their fun-filled perfomance. Their singing is well-done and you can see that ASTRO really got the crowd excited for KCON.

Solar – “Despacito”

While I hate to post it twice, it cannot be helped! It is no secret that “Despacito” become a global sensation and was a big phenomenon in Korea as well. Despite their being countless covers, MAMAMOO’s Solar seemed to be one of the most attetion-grabbing female covers to date. Not only is her performance full of spice and sex appeal but her singing is incredible and she really adds the zesty flair this hit Spanish song embelishes. 

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MONSTA X – “Shoot Out” / “Follow” / “Fantasia”

The handsome boys of Monsta X completely blew the minds of Monbebes everywhere when they took on the challengeof singing in Spanish! The boys sang their hit songs “Shoot out,” “Follow,” and “Fantasia” and showed fans just how great they are at singing at Spanish. However, I need to personally see how excellente previous member Wonho’s Spanish is! 😉

Ailee – “Dónde Voy”

Music Bank Mexico was absolutely the time and place to get your fill of K-Pop idols bopping out stellar Spanish song covers. Within the amazing lineup was none other than Korea’s Beyonce Ailee – who absolutely delivered and nailed her cover of “Dónde Voy.” The fan chants were proof, afterall! 

The Rose – “I.L.Y”

If you’re looking for a more acoustic boy-next-door feeling for your Spanish songs, then look no further! Hit band The Rose absolutely made us swoon with their sauve vocals and charming looks as they effortlessly harmonize and sing “I.L.Y.” in Spanish. The soft atmosphere and gentle instrumentals make this cover a true masterpiece any Spanish fan can enjoy.

Which song was your favorite to listen to? Looking for more fun K-Pop songs to add to your playlist? Check out the article below for more songs and let us know which K-Pop cover was your favorite in the comments below. 

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