K-Pop Continues To See Popularity In Brazil As These Artists’ Collaborations Gain Interest

Nowadays, K-Pop has become such a global phenomenon that various artists wish to participate and include themselves in the mix. As more and more unforgettable collaborations take over the K-Pop scene by storm, Latin American DJ’s also show interest in the trend.

When we think of collaborations, we may think of BTS and Halsey in “Boy With Luv” or “Mic Drop” feat. Steve Aoki but we can’t forget our Latin American fans either! While we love a good K-Pop Spanish song playlist, we also love a good collaboration and one talented DJ is making headlines for his creative mixes of traditional music and rhythmic EDM.

With K-Pop becoming more and more in demand and companies like Spotify K-Pop Playlists getting revamped, it seems that artists from across the globe are taking their chance to promote in Korea. Now, DJ Alok, a bonafide dance music superstar, holding the title of the second biggest Instagram following of any electronic artist globally, has dipped his hands into the K-Pop blackhole we all fell in love with at one point and can no longer escape.

With over 26 million fans and 20 million monthly listeners, DJ Alok is the most listened to Brazilian artist in the world. Now, Alok has paired up with talented vocalist Sonnet and traditional Korean musician Kim Jun Su to remix “Under The Full Moon” – a song that offers today’s modern EDM appeal with the attraction of traditional Korean melodies. Take a listen down below!

So, what did you think of this earworm? In a recent interview with Rolling Stone Korea, Alok said, “Before I came to Korea, I found the beauty of Korea’s oriental elements, such as music, visuals, artists, and art. I saw this opportunity to connect Korean music with my dance music for the global market.” He added, “This will be very traditional, but also modern at the same time. I wished to be a bridge between traditional and contemporary, as well as oriental and western.”

Directed by ZanyBros, a popular MV production company in South Korea, the MV was set in two locations: Suwon Hwaseong Fortress where media facade lighting in combination with drone shots filmed the magnificent atmosphere of the historical landmark and VA Studio Hanam. Both stages captured the immersive cinematic environment of the music video with state-of-the-art in-camera visual effects.

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What did you think of this amazing remix and EDM meets K-Pop collaboration? Leave your thoughts in the comments and on the YouTube video! Interested in learning about vocalist Sonnet and musician Kim Jun Su? Check out their profiles too.


Sonnet is considered one of the best female vocalists in South Korea. Widely known for her powerful vocals and expression of delicate emotions, she holds numerous records that she achieved through various TV appearances, including several wins on Immortal Songs, 8 consecutive wins on The Masked Singer, the youngest winner on The Voice of Korea, and many more. She is actively pursuing her career in various fields, working on her upcoming songs, live shows, and musicals. She is preparing to further expand her influence across the globe through worldwide releases and is set to reveal new music in the near future based on her broad spectrum of styles and genres.

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Junsu Kim is a Korean traditional musician, and the youngest member to join the National Theater of Korea. He has performed in numerous Korean traditional operas, winning various major awards. He recently participated in a music competition show called Poong Ryu (JTBC) that aims to introduce Korean traditional music through a wide spectrum of music styles of the participants, which he won second place in the final round.



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