Do K-Pop Idols Affect The Way People Vote In Korea?

We already know that K-Pop idols have a major influence over young minds and various generations in Korea. Across the board, the entertainment industry can move society in a deeper way than we predicted.

This year marks an important year for Korea as Koreans prepare to vote for their next president today (March 9th). While there are various campaigns held in Korea to promote the candidates running for the important role, some international fans were surprised to hear that K-Pop plays a big role in the way people vote as well. After all, groups like BTS worked alongside the current President numerous times.

If you live in Korea, then you know about the blaring public announcements, voting trucks that roll by with blaring advertisements, mini-street performances, and pamphlets handed out by local advocates dressed in either red or blue attire with “VOTE NOW” written on every inch of their body.

Although K-Pop idols aren’t blatantly promoting who they voted for on social media, as it would create a wave of criticism and possibly manipulation of votes, fans and idols are very aware of doing their best to remain neutral and simply encourage the act of voting itself. Yet, some may wonder if the idols subtly hint at who they vote for via social media and other posts.

Currently, the Democratic Party is represented by Lee Jae Myung, the Blue Candidate titled #1 and is following within the footsteps of Moon Jae In, the previous President. The Red Candidate #2 is Yoon Suk-yeol, who represents the conservative People Power Party (right-wing). This year alone there were over 14 people running for president, but it is a tight race between Lee Jae Myung and Yoon Suk-yeol.

Now, this information is important to know because netizens have become sensitive to the issue of idols posing with the peace sign (v) in photos and more. Some believe Super Junior’s Heechul was hinting at voting for the second candidate during a recent social media post and NCT Sungchan was accused of influencing voters to pick number one because of his all-blue attire at the voting booth.


Due to this issue, many idols are taking extreme precautions to prevent any “influenced” ideas and accusations from anti-fans or political advocates. ATEEZ took a trip to the voting polls to encourage citizens to exercise their rights and express the ease and convenience of voting in Korea – you can even vote at a grocery store! However, many fans giggled at how careful they were when the leader reprimanded various members for their poses. Check out their charming video below!

What do you think of this issue in Korea? Soon a new President will be announced and many Koreans, including our precious, idols are waiting in anticipation for what the future will hold. Stay tuned for more updates! Hopefully, the next President will hang out with BTS and promote Korean culture, too!

**Update: Red Candidate 2 Yoon Suk-yeol won the election of 2022**


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