BTS + Squid Game’s Success Sparks Interest In International Fans – How To Work In Korea?

With the ongoing success of K-Pop spreading across the globe thanks to the power of BTS and other talented groups, many people have focused their attention on South Korea and their unique industry.

With companies like HYBE (formerly Big Hit) continuing to grow and outshine the big 3 (JYP, SM, and YG Entertainment), many fans are anticipating the international growth of K-Pop as more and more companies continue to expand and artists continue to collaborate with one another such as Black Pink and Selena Gomez or BTS and Halsey. 

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Even companies like JYP suddenly announced their efforts to expand and export K-Pop directly to the hearts of international fans as they open their new branch in North America. Similar to their work with Sony Entertainment Japan to create the Japanese girl group NiziUmockup1 in 2020, JYP USA will be responsible for launching JYP Entertainment’s singers, fostering talent in the region, and fulfilling promotional activities.

With all these new opportunities appearing, many fans are wondering – “How can I work at HYBE?” and “How can I work in K-Pop?” or “How much do idols make?” “How can I be a dancer in Korea?”


If being an idol isn’t your only dream, perhaps becoming a lyricist, choreographer, marketer, or producer can be your next big calling. Still, one question remains for your career. How can you work in Korea?

A new app may just be the answer to this! The new platform called ‘The Director’ by FrontRow Co. has been searching for public figures from a variety of fields for creating a mentoring program that advises people how to work in Korea successfully from the very beginning.


The main motive behind this app’s worldly platform is to offer foreigners or English-speaking individuals a chance and a plan to have a career or to do business in Korea. While there are platforms like Clubhouse that provide quality information and tips for working in Korea, ‘The Director’ provides direct links to industry professionals.

Other companies tend to be theoretical and target a Korean audience only. Therefore, the advantage of this app is the full-English experience that focuses on cultural differences, language barriers, and the speakers’ personal story on how he/she ended up in South Korea. 

Experiencing personal advice from these individuals who also worked hard to achieve their dreams in Korea creates a wonderful and aspiring atmosphere for many fans of Korea. Luckily, ‘The Director’ – an online Kpop education app, is set to launch at the end of March, so you can get started on learning how to work abroad right away! 

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“To the Hallyu fans all over the world,  Be the director of your dreams,” said the app developer of FrontRow Co. Limited. “We are thrilled to announce that ‘The Director(’, a K-pop education mobile app directed towards Global K-Content fans, will be launched in March 2022. For those who are interested in the K-Pop industry or want to pursue their careers in South Korea but don’t know where to start, ‘The Director’ is here to help.”

If you’re curious about who will appear on the app, check out some of the credible individuals below! The very first K-content related platform owns several lectures from speakers – in various fields – that are willing to share their experiences working in South Korea. James An, who participated in the popular tv show ‘Show Me the Money 10,’ is one of the many prestigious speakers on the platform. In his class, James shares his experience moving into a new country and beginning his career as a rapper.

Teaching those interested in starting as an artist in the music industry, how to overcome the challenges and culture shocks that might appear along the way.  Other astonishing speakers such as visual director Kim Balko (who worked with artists like BTS and Black Pink), songwriter Shorelle (composed to artists like Itzy), actor John D. Michaels (who appeared in the popular Netflix series Squid Game’), traditional musician and gayageum player Youngjae Cho, and many more share their own journeys and tips on how to start in each field.

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It is remarkable that with apps like these, many fans can experience various sides of Korean Culture! What do you think of this exciting new app? Ready to work at HYBE or start a job in Korea? The Director app will be available on the Apple App Store worldwide soon. Stay tuned for more updates here!


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