KCON Premiere in Chicago Lineup Revealed

After drawing much attention over the return of KCON’s in-person concerts, the crowd continues to feel the hype as the star-studded lineup is slowly and surely being revealed.

After the announcement of KCON’s Artist Lineup Revealed in Korea, fans overseas are anticipating what amazing artists will be featured at the concert and make an appearance on the international stage. However, KCON hasn’t only announced their return but also thrilled fans over their expansion into newer territory as the ever-growing popularity of K-Pop and Korean content has enabled KCON to stretch its reach into Chicago!

KCON Premiere Lineup Features Monsta X, Brave Girls + Artists From QUEENDOM

Originally, KCON was only held in LA and NY in the states. Now, the power of K-Pop has reached the streets of another major city and the amazing lineup has finally been revealed! Check it out below!

The World’s No.1 K-culture festival KCON will meet fans in Chicago for the first time with its ‘KCON 2022 Premiere’ – The artist lineup includes:






More updates are on the way as fans anticipate that the lineup may continue to grow, as it did in the past. So, stay tuned for more announcements and lineup information with us and at the official KCON site.

The KCON festivities will continue as the flagship K-culture festival KCON plans to return to LA in August for the first time in two years. Celebrating KCON since 2012 accumulating more than 710k fans in the US alone, the much-anticipated festival will return stronger than ever with new content reflecting the trends of Gen Z fans and programs tailored for local fans. Signature fan-favorite programming and panels unique to KCON from meet and greets to dance workshops will also return. KCON also plans to continue its virtual activities in order to interact and bring K-Pop to the screens of fans far and wide.

Which artist are you looking forward to seeing again? What are your plans for this year’s convention? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below and Let’s KCON!

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