How To Support K-Pop Artists?

Love K-Pop and live aborad? Wonder how you can support your favorite artists and help them stay motivated and financially make their comebacks? This article will explain everything A to Z.

First, K-Pop is an international phenomenon that continues to grow but without our support, many of our favorite artists could be swept away at any time. Nowadays, many artists and their labels can earn money from YouTube and ad revenue but there are other unique ways you can support them. While many fans believe just clicking and re-watching a YouTube video alone does the work, there is more to it. A simple Spotify stream won’t do and listening to their full albums on YouTube isn’t cutting it either.

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If you’re curious how you can support your favorite idols, even if you live abroad, check out our list below and let us know which go-to method is best for you in the comments! Also, you can support us too by checking out our BuyMeACoffee page or click here to support K-Pop!

1. Follow their personal YouTube

Many idols make their own YouTube channels – especially when they go solo or leave major company labels. Supporting their individual YouTube is a great way to help idols earn directly and outside of the company’s channel. Plus, you can subscribe and receive notifications regarding BTS, daily vlogs, and other content they make just for their fans! Like Jessica, check out some K-Pop idols’ YouTube channels here!

2. Support their Patreon or Makestar 

Believe it or not, many smaller or “nugu groups” (no-name) start fundraisers in order to support events, world tours or even future album promotions. With the idea of some albums being made and supported by fans, groups can make a goal and, through exclusive content or interactions with fans, raise money in order to support their next comeback! Idols often thank fans or credit them for certain things they helped achieved with the donations such as costumes or set designs. One of the first idols to start a Makestar and fund a single release was now-disbanded girl group Stellar.

3. Purchase products and official merch at Concerts and World Tours 

The tickets alone don’t pay the bills, honey. With some tickets being quite inexpensive, it is easy for fans to meet their artists. However, VIP tickets that provide a hi-touch event or photo opportunity really are worth the experience. You can fund your artists, contribute to the success of their shows which further increase the possibilities of them having more concerts and tours, and also receive an awesome experience! Without a doubt, it is worth every penny. Plus, outside of ticket perks, getting official merch is a fun collectible to own and shows your fan status.

4. Go to Fan-meetings 

Although these are usually held in Korea, once in a blue moon we can find a fan-meeting being held abroad. Going there not only helps improve their chances of holding more events abroad but also funds artists in a similar method that concerts do. Don’t be shy, go say hi!

5. Use apps and sites that support their chart ranking 

Nowadays, there are many sites you can purchase albums from that contribute to Hanteo charts or apps such as MuBeatTV that help offer experiences such as real-time voting that contribute to their chart rankings in Korea for various show programs. Streaming their content is a big help, but the chance to vote and show your support is unlike any other. Download the app here!

Now that you know some simple ways to support your artists, which one will you give a try? Not only should you support your favorite artists but you can also consider supporting companies like us that help promote K-Pop and deliver content K-Pop fans can enjoy quite often. Check out our BuyMeACoffee page or click here to support K-Pop!


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