BTS Become Tamagotchi Pets In New Bandai Collaboration + Where To Buy BTS Merch

If you were born in the 90s then the charming Japanese word Tamagotchi is no stranger to your vocabulary. Now, BTS has joined the lot of amazing characters you can take care of and raise in these portable eggs!

Tamagotchi, a care-taking game with cute digital pets you raise and evolve, was released by Bandai in 1996 in Japan and to the rest of the world in 1997. It quickly became one of the biggest trending toys of the late 1990s and the early 2000s and has made a comeback these days due to the longing for nostalgia and pique of interest towards retro toys among the old and newer generations alike.

While there have been many collaborations in the past such as with Pokémon and more, BTS and Bandai America has pleasantly surprised fans with this news as they enter the virtual world through their TinyTan characters. BTS is globally the biggest trending group in history and Tamagotchi is another force to reckon with in the toy world. Both captured the hearts of people everywhere and together… the results will definitely be “Dynamite!” (Get it? Ehh, ehh?) Check out the amusing toy’s official advertisement below!

Now, you are probably wondering, what do BTS do and where can I buy BTS merch? ARMY (fans of BTS) can prepare for battle with their favorite idol by their side and dangling off their backpacks as they nurture and care for the idol as if it were their own pe…. friend! From interactive games like “Dance! Dynamite!” to “Make a Custard Tart!” cooking classes, the fun is endless! Each member sports unique outfits, interactions, and favorite foods you can give them in order to fulfill their needs, strengthen your bonds and become closer with your new pocket idol bestie!

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From playing mini-games to when they sleep, the members constantly boast cute outfits and expressions you will never get tired of! For now, any online functionality or interactive features haven’t been mentioned and there is no telling if we can connect with other players and interact with the idol of their choice. However, “we don’t need permission to dance” (Ehh, ehh?) by placing all 7 of our Tamagotchis together and watching them bust a move during a mini-game performance!

Care-takers beware – if you don’t love and care for your own TinyTan member, he will disappear in style and use the Magic Door to leave you and prompt users to restart their idol growing journey. Don’t fret – I’m sure you’ll become the best BTS manager in our eyes! Now, let’s take a moment to appreciate the exclusive designs.


The announcement has been made and pre-orders are available for the Magic Door Purple and Mic-Drop Red sets as well an exclusive and a limited-edition Black Hugmy Tamagotchi that features a vinyl figure of one of the seven band members hugging the device. How can I get official BTS merch? Well, fans can currently pre-order their BTS TinyTan Tamagotchi via Amazon, but sadly, shelving and delivery will only begin starting either September or October 2022 and in 2023 in some other countries (Devastating…)!


Brand Strategist Trish Garrett stated, “The BTS TinyTan characters will appear in the Tamagotchi game to add to the fun” and the appearances have been carefully planned by the Big Hit IP Studio to ensure the characteristics and distinct charms of each individual member are perfectly reflected in the product. When it comes to in-person shopping and prices you might wonder where can I buy BTS merch? The product retails at $19.99 in USA and ₩29.900 KRW and will be sold where all Bandai products are sold.

Honestly, this is the next big thing (if not better than) the BTS Barbie dolls! So, which BTS member are you planning on befriending to fulfill your nostalgia-craving BTS-loving heart? Share your favorite member and designs in the comments below and don’t forget to share this exciting news with your friends!

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