Whee In Gifts Fans Something Special On Her Birthday

MAMAMOO member Whee In recently celebrated her birthday on April 17th and prepared a special gift for fans. 

While fans usually shower idols with gifts, treats, and more, Whee In took to social media to promote a new special track she released just for her fans. The song titled “D-Day” is a special song that is a thank you to her fans for being by her side and continuously supporting her activities with and without MAMAMOO. Fans were also impressed to see that the lyrics were composed by VIXX Ravi and she worked with foreign composers as well.

The song has a very smooth melody and showcases Whee In’s familiar vocals that make you fall in love with her all over again. The song has a very soft opening that slams us with a powerful chorus that has a blaring tone and an adrenaline-inducing instrumental that brings power to Whee In’s already smooth voice. The pop-rock sound transports the listener through time and has a very early 2000s vibe. The “D-Day” title represents the day we wait so long for and feeling accomplished and mature when it comes – a great representation of Whee In’s 27th birthday! You can see how she celebrates her birthday and her daily life on her YouTube as well!

Fans loved the song and shared their love on social media but currently, the video on YouTube doesn’t allow any comments. Sad. However, you can always share your love and support in the comments down below!


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