KCON Launches First Premiere Viewing Party In LA!

With the news of KCONs return and in-person concerts enticing fans, many are already eagerly booking their tickets and paying close attention to the lineup announcements.

KCON announced they will be spreading the love of K-Pop far and wide this year as they not only hold their respective KCON Korea in May and KCON Japan in October but also announced the first-ever KCON Premiere in Chicago, alongside NY/NJ and LA.

KCON Premiere in Chicago Lineup Revealed

Still, for those concerned and worried about Coronavirus or if you simply can’t travel to one of the many locations, KCON has revealed that they will not only be preparing a slew of online content but also added an official premiere viewing party for KCON LA!

Now, KCON will be taking the first step in becoming a hybrid festival mixing the in-person and virtual events. At the ‘KCON 2022 Premiere Viewing Party’ in LA, the audience will be able to watch their favorite K-pop artists’ KCON Premiere stages in Chicago in real-time. The event will also feature dance stage programs where visitors can connect with one another.

The viewing party will take place May 20-21 in Petree Hall at the Los Angeles Convention Center, setting excitement ahead of KCON LA this August.

More information on the timetable and programs will be revealed at a later date and can be seen here or on KCON’s official website. Don’t forget to check out their official tutorial and learn how to participate in more events.

What do you think of this outstanding announcement? Subscribe, follow us, and stay tuned for more official lineup updates and check out some of the current performers down below.

KCON Premiere Lineup Features Monsta X, Brave Girls + Artists From QUEENDOM

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